December 3rd:  Full Moon in Gemini and Mercury Retrograde

December 3rd: Full Moon in Gemini and Mercury Retrograde

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We are already in Mercury retrograde shadow (the period when it slows and when I lose my debit or credit card).  The energy ruling contracts, commerce, communication, technical do-dads, cars, phones and the normal day to day rhythm of things is ready to take a nap.  This is an "opportunity" for you to be extra clear, copy yourself on emails, repeat the response you hear, qualify and try to be as cogent as possible while practicing the adage that "patience is wisdom."  You may feel compelled to pick up a thought, activity, or personal plan of action and bring it to life again during the retrograde. 

Mercury retrogrades at the Full Moon in Gemini the very sign that Mercury rules on Sunday, December 3rd at 29 degrees Sagittarius.  This is an interesting retrograde point as it is closely conjuncting the center of our Milky Way Galaxy the point called the Galactic Center where Saturn is currently transiting.  This degree is aligned with cosmic intelligence, higher reality beyond the 3rd dimensional and insights that may move you forward for weeks, months and even years.

Mercury retrograde is brilliant for going back to those communications, contacts, friends, siblings, and projects that you did not have time to focus upon or properly connect with before.  Mercury stations direct on December 22nd at 13 degrees Sagittarius and is fully operational after he leaves retrograde shadow on January 11th - whatever is taking up your time hits a new level of culmination. The Universe is giving you a little "time-out" from the constant 24x7 distractions that are a ubiquitous part of culture now - enjoy.

The Full Moon at 11 degrees of Gemini is exact at 10:47 a.m. EST and is in tight square to Neptune over the weekend.  Let's call this the foggy windshield full moon as seeing clearly while the lunation squares Neptune can be challenging - you may feel disillusioned or disappointed and as Mercury stations retrograde less than 6 hours earlier the combined effect is magnified.  This is a time to tend to yourself knowing that your cognitive functioning may be confused and temporarily in limbo.  Give this time to breath and please be very careful of assumptions.

This lunation may also be unmooring you from previously held beliefs as there is a breaking down of outworn communication patterns and models.  The square from Neptune suggests that communication that is delivered with pure unemotional logic no matter how hurtful is no longer sustainable as compassion seeks it's place.  Logic is fine but there is wisdom lurking way beyond the left brain's capacity to process - intuition, instinct and the gut mind are but a few examples. 

Venus is already newly transiting Sagittarius just days before the Full Moon where she will transit through December 25th.  This is a lively and exploratory time when your love of knowledge is enhanced.  Freedom to be, do, live and expand is strong now and your relationships need to mirror this high vibratory energy.  Let your emotions and heart lead as Venus assures that emotional intelligence is your touchstone through the month of December.


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