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Hello, everyone. Welcome to December Part 1 Videoscope. My sessions, my coaching, my services, live streams, and monthly videoscopes can be located at the links above. We enter this final month of a very challenging year symbolized by the Saturn-Uranus square equating to the tension of personal freedom versus control energy. We're building to the final of three transits that will perfect on Christmas Eve here in the United States on December 24th.

Global controls are highlighted. Remember, Uranus has been asleep in retrograde since August and he will be stationing direct to join the other planets in their forward movement. Because on December 1st, Neptune stations direct at 20 degrees of Pisces, where he has been retrograde since June. Neptune is the most mystical and creative archetypal energy from the soul's perspective.

Neptune represents this energy of unconditional love, of unity themes. Neptune in its home sign of Pisces represents humanity's quest for spiritual truth, being aware of false prophets and the creative force, the creative sensate, visionary creative force. Now, December 4th is the new moon, total solar eclipse at 12 degrees of Sagittarius, which is the ruler of the ninth house in the natural Zodiac wheel.

The ninth house of Sagittarius is about the search for truth and the student of life. It's about global conditions and study and travel and lawsuits and legalities and a thirst for knowledge. It's about systems of belief. What are your beliefs? Judges, media, higher educational systems, and future trends are all represented in the Sagittarius ninth house.

The Eclipse is exact at 2:44 AM Eastern Standard Time and it lasts about four hours. The only location where this eclipse will be visible will be from Antarctica, the total solar eclipse, and parts of Southern Africa can see the partial eclipse. This Sagittarius energy is also conjunct Mercury. We have the higher mind and the lower mind or the left brain and the right brain or the ego mind or the soul-embodied mind very much in tight embrace at this eclipse.

Mercury and Gemini, the north nodes transit through Gemini, has been strongly inviting you and encouraging you to truly listen, to be curious, to improve your social skills, to follow down information in order to enhance your beliefs, open your mind to new information, and become aware of any superficiality in your communication. Think about how many habitual or rote responses have been embedded in your systems and habits of communication. It's a good time for light and two-way conversations and discussions.

Gemini urges the cultivation of discourse and not using language solely just to prove a point or get your opinions across, but to find the answers to problems and to enjoy the moment and to see this life as your student of it. You're having all of these experiences, and how do you process them and how do you feel about them? These are very strong new themes into the months ahead.

This eclipse will also be sextiling Saturn in Aquarius. It bodes well for your evolving goals and paths and your connections and appreciation with your friends, your tribe. Happy choices committing to Saturn on the elevated scale is committing to your future in an authentic, soul-embodied, supportive, creative way. Very positive solar eclipse that will be moving us forward. Solar eclipses are external developments, new chapters, new energetic trends that will be moving us forward into the next five to six months ahead.

Now, Venus, the feminine energy that holds sway over personal relating and resources and values, is slowing down now for her retrograde on the 19th of December at 27 degrees of Capricorn until January 29th when she will station direct at 11 degrees of Capricorn. Retrograde energy always equates to a spiritual transit and the value of honoring this time of going within often quite unconsciously, sometimes for a personal review of how this archetype is playing out in your own life and your relationship to your inner Venus.

When planets station and make strong connections to other planets, I call this the plot line or the theme of the journey that you are undergoing that is intended to result in some sort of personal rebirth. On December 11th, Venus makes the first of three conjunctions to lord of the underworld, Pluto, at 25 degrees. She will conjunct Pluto again when retrograde on Christmas Day. She will conjunct Pluto when she is in direct motion on March 3rd.

Remember, Pluto is the archetype of death and rebirth. Something must be reborn now in life-enhancing ways. This expression can manifest as intensity, deepening creative urges, managing your own strong feelings. This can be quite a time for focusing on your finances and your resources. Additionally, at the ego levels of expression, you will also experience and see very controlling and manipulative themes as well. This is the unawakened energy.

Capricorn symbolizes the authority figures in your life, going back to the original authority figure of your caregivers and your parents. That includes your bosses, the corporate state, or government and the government structures. Venus also represents global finances and markets, Venus in Capricorn, and the relationship between government themes and how that impacts your personal resources.

It's a different way of thinking about this. Think of this event in the past two years and how it has strongly affected how people earn a living. Lots of people have been changing jobs. Earning a living is tied to specific mandates and controls. For others, the way they've earned a living has been completely shuttered due to lockdowns. When we think of it in this context, how it's changing your relationship to your resources on the external level, this is the time to work with your resources on the internal level.

Now, Venus also represents global finances and markets and the relationship between government themes and how that impacts your personal resources. The head of the BIS, often called the central bank for the central banking system. In September, he shared that they want more control over currency. He literally was saying, "We don't know who's spending a $100 note or a $1,000 note and we want to," suggesting he would like to move away from cash exchange and focus on central bank digital currencies, which is tied to digital passports and the push for what has not been just a health endeavor but a shift in digital controls.

We're always told that these changes are to protect us and to keep us healthy and to keep us safe. There's always the presentation of the benefit to us while we're also available to look below and beyond that level into trends and influences tied to authority energy. Here in the US, the Build Back Better bill, the passage of that also includes ramping up the IRS by about 87,000 employees to better handle tax evasion crimes.

We know that the ultra-wealthy are outfitted with a team of lawyers and gifted accountants, who are well-equipped to maneuver through complicated tax codes and loopholes. That is also an area that you might look for themes on the national level. Venus retrograde is not the time for big financial or relationship decisions, cosmetic procedures, or big changes in your own appearance through hair and wardrobe.

Venus retrograde is not historically a great time for initiating new relationships. Venus retrograde can be helpful to see you reconnecting with already established relationships because there is value or learning involved with that re-connection. It's also the value of working through your own power issues. That's a huge theme. Remember, until you get clear on the effects from our original authority experience with parents and caregivers, we tend to repeat that pattern over and over and over.

Now, some of you, if you have really good relationships with your parents, this has enhanced your relationship to power and authority. If you didn't always have helpful experiences with your first authority figures on planets such as the angry parent, our subconscious continues that pattern that was established in childhood often quite unconsciously, which is the domain of Pluto's subconscious.

Then that child will find themselves attracting angry bosses if a caregiver was not emotionally available, attracting partners and work dynamics where they do not feel supported. These are energy patterns that are running. The beauty of these patterns is the more you become awake and conscious of these patterns, then you can redirect the patterns into new and more healthy and life-affirming ways.

This always goes to all of your partnerships as well. Depending on your gender, you will always want to know what the relationship was of your partner to the opposite gender or even same-gender parent because that established their relationship to relationship and authority in their early life. Venus is going to be very helpful helping you to work through these Pluto themes of subconscious patterns and soul urges and rebirthing themes. You can really embrace this journey at hand. Retrogrades are always about the inner journey.

Now, on December 13th, Mars leaves the deep waters of Scorpio and moves into the eclipse energy of Sagittarius through January 24th. Remember, Mars represents your desires, your aggressions in some instances, your ability to assert self, your will, your confidence, and your life force energy. Mars in Sagittarius, the sign of the centaur, which equates to conscious cosmic intelligence, grounding in practicality should be very helpful.

This transit provides a great deal of determination tied to accomplishment and spiritual goals. Mars desires expansion and opportunity and growth and movement and development. Of course, another lower expression of this is ego tied in very strongly with belief systems. Now, finally, Mercury, also on the 13th, transits into Capricorn through January 2nd, furthering the focus on goals, authority energy, your career, and life direction.

Mercury seeks to relate intelligently with your human life in the outer world. Thought about where your life is heading, your life direction, your career, your avocation, your community involvement, your public persona, your voice, your communication patterns, and the creation of the expression of this in your life. Mercury always represents the energy of children, siblings, friends, relatives, travel, announcements, decisions, and we can deduce that in the sign of Capricorn.

There will be more governmental or authoritarian energy tied to their involvement with these very areas of life. I would like to leave you now with an excerpt from my channeled session, which is available on my website. It's a service titled Inner Strength Through Chaotic Times. I am working with my guides that I've worked with strongly the past several years and this is our first service or completely channeled service we've created.

An excerpt from this channeling - "This time on planet Earth is chaotic from the standpoint of continuity themes. Some may say, 'When are we going to get back to normal?' We would say, do you really want to go back to normal when there is greater potential available and awakening on planet that is meant to move humans' evolution into these higher states of creativity and well-being into the years and decades ahead?" Many blessings.

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