"Your authentic energy and the intention you radiate provides me a sense of peace and security. A place in which I slowly allow myself to open and learn." ~Nicole 2017

"I want to thank you for your profound and healing work. It is there in what you say and also the energy that I felt flowing through me as you spoke." ~Alicia 2017

"I wanted to send my thanks, as not ever...NEVER ever, have I felt any bit of uneasiness regarding your motivation and intentions in what you do. I don't "feel" your purpose is financially based." ~Nicole 2017

"Your reading is beyond the word accurate, like oh my..." ~Abigail 2017

"I think your work is extraordinary. the level of insights and depth of perception you have is really wonderful. I think your brand of Esoteric astrology is really head and shoulders above many other people. As soon as I need another reading, I promise to be back in touch." ~Karen 2017

"I have benefited from your free content on YouTube for over a year now. This has been tremendously valuable for me. Your confidence in your expertise, attention to detail, clear articulation of the energies at hand and your delivery really do set you apart in a sea of astrologers." ~Victoria 2017

"I've been listening to our session over the last couple of days and I want to say thank you for your insight, guidance and practical support. I feel you really 'got me' - I think that means the same in the US as it does in the UK - you 'understand me' :-)!" ~Eliza 2017

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for speaking with me today. You are wonderful!!" ~Doraine 2017

"One of the most surprisingly amazing benefits from your reading has been the understanding of the overall collective energy movement as it's occurring. It's given me an amazing clarity and ability of understanding to stay calm and focused on the Source no matter what chaos is going on around me. You gave me the most wonderful advice, encouragement, and soul direction. I feel amazingly blessed to have come into contact with you. Thank you for your work!" ~Sharon 2017

"Just to let you know you are a household name here at my house in the middle of nowhere New Zealand.  I feel like you are my friend and yet I don’t know you at all.  I LOVE your videoscopes and they have helped me through some dark days with uncanny accuracy." ~Zoe 2017

"I have listened to my pre-recorded horoscope several times and each time I listen I learn something new about myself or something I've already known is confirmed.  After listening I thought to myself, "finally someone who understands me." ~Ellen 2016

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for your monthly forecasts, I've been following you on YouTube for about a year, you have really helped me." ~Ann 2016

"Wow! thank you! Your reading for me is brilliant! Many wow moments while watching my personalized video. Your intuition and guidance mean the world to me. I am so thankful!" ~Stephanie 2016 

"You are very, very good –bless you.  Your quantum notes 18-24 July are a tonic in remarkable times internationally as well as in your own USA.   As you bless me and so many others, you most certainly are being blessed.  Namaste, dear Jean." ~ Bill 2016

"You're always Honest and Spot on."  ~Coyote 2016

"Thank you, Jean, for an amazing reading!  You pretty much hit the nail on the head around my psyche and experiences and what I feel like I'm going through at this time!  Thank you for your insight and knowledge. The guidance really helps me understand the bigger picture and the energies working with me right now.  This was very insightful and really fun!  Also, thank you for posting Youtube videos.  I've been following you for probably a year now.  Has anyone ever told you that you have a very calming voice?" ~ Chrissy 2016