December Part 1

December Part 1

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Hello everybody. Happy Holidays Season to you warm wishes love. And welcome to the December part one video scope. I'm Jean a soul coach, psychic medium channel, astrologer thank you for subscribing. If you feel moved to for commenting, I guess it helps the algorithms as I'm told. Thanks for it regardless, thank you for being here. So December is a pretty fluid month. Right off the bat on December 1st as I'm recording this Mercury has now headed into Capricorn, and is sextiling, the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, Saturn on the second of December. It's very stable energy very grounded energy, which is going to be very helpful. What do we need to do, it's a very effective time in many ways to manage and plan and maneuver your world. But mercury will be stationing retrograde just after the new moon on the 13th eight degrees of Capricorn.

So when the planet of the lower mind or the conscious or the 3d mind, when that archetype stations Retrograde, we are meant to go back and revisit past themes, and Capricorn certainly this speaks to life direction, career, status in life, which can mean many different things single married you know, the industry that you're in industry energies. And certainly Capricorn speaks to authority on planet which is playing such a huge role in our collective energy. Now, so much revelation going on so many secrets and things coming up and out. And as I say, like any good therapy session, we have to see and acknowledge abuse, to change, to heal, to move forward. And this is certainly where we are globally, in my view, very, very good. I'm not speaking as much about power themes as I have the past 10 years because so many others are. And that that actually feels good to me to back away from that and focus on our collective trajectory of growth, ascension integration themes.

And so Mercury is going to have us focused in these areas of our lives both individually, as well as collectively, and he will be transiting through this very grounded, proactive sign through February 5, he will retrograde on the 13th and then he's going to station direct on January 1, at 22 degrees of Sagittarius catch that numerology what's 22 It's mastering global energy and having lots and lots of different experiences. Because that's what we're doing is souls we're coming in with birth mapping that shows up in your astrology chart of things that you want to experience in this dimensional space. Because what the universe likes is evolution, evolution and so does your soul. And the personality side of us may not always enjoy all of these experiences. But when you can elevate that to a higher perspective, you can sense and already understand the high value of the time that we are in.

So on the fourth of December, Venus moves into Scorpio she leaves her home sign of Libra and now she's interested in understanding and relating at a deeper level. She squares Pluto, the planet that rules Scorpio on the third of December just before she heads into Scorpio where she will be transiting for the next three shall be transiting there through the 29th of December then she slips into Sagittarius. So things go deeper things are more profound we want meaning in our relationships and our relating dynamics. We want to understand things. Scorpio loves to delve deep and understand things I'm very I'm strong Scorpio in my chart and I've always been that way. I'm not good with superficiality as I want to understand the mechanics behind situations, governments, global movements, etc. And it's very satisfying, actually. It's being a truth seeker, right. And there are many different ways to connect with truth to connect with the field, as we all know, but just to speak from personal experience, I love going underneath the surface of things and peeking around so that I understand, it is a driving need for me in this lifetime to understand things. So she will be transiting through the deep waters of Scorpio.

Scorpio as I've mentioned many times has different tiers at the lower tier we are talking about criminals, corruption, psychopathy, at another level, as people awaken as you're evolving, you start to notice a lot of things we would call this more fourth dimensional energy, where you're noticing kind of the mechanics of this world, of how things are created in thought forms and energy forms and then land into the third dimensional of manifest form. Then the top tier is the Phoenix it's that high view of rebuilding and creating and manifestation abilities. That's we could say fifth dimensional energy, where you're waking up to the mechanics in the fourth dimension. And when you're really kind of dimensional skipping the fifth dimension, that's where you want to program and manifest things. So very interesting this.

And then on the sixth of December, Neptune stations Direct 25 degrees Pisces, since his retrograde last spring, like all the big planets do, we've got three planets stationing direct this month and then Uranus in January. And in homage to Neptune, I'm going to be having a psychic medium class on December 10. I was doing an intuition class and surprisingly, spirit started lining up to talk to all of the participants. And I said, Oh, we're doing this I hadn't done that before. It was fascinating, interesting and I feel meaningful for the participants. So I am bringing another seating and other class on this Sunday, December 10th. tends to get sold out quickly. So just to bring you awareness, and you'll keep the replay link so that you can ruminate on the message and information that comes through we do not come on this planet without help. And most of us have more than one guide certainly. But guides that show up when I'm holding sessions working with coaching clients are speaking to very specific themes that the client can identify in their lives.

So just to clarify, we have more than one always we have more than one plus we have the higher self that knows the playbook as well. And Venus is trining Saturn as Neptune stations Direct on the sixth from one degree Scorpio to Pisces. So Neptune stationing direct is going to be bringing more developments in our collective hologram with health health situations, and as I've alluded to, there is a vote on a treaty coming up in May 2024 so far two countries are already saying no, we do not like the terms which it's handing over all kinds of power to what is an advisory body into a global ruling body. So this is going to be interesting and this will come down the pathway during eclipse season it will come down the pathway when Uranus transits into Taurus in the sidereal, in the constellation chart. So we're certainly seeing financial things very tied in with this everything is tied in with this digital currency, digital banking, handing over controls etc. Neptune rules our psychic connection, our spiritual opening and awakening. Saturn in Pisces can be very helpful to make commitments to that and to have a committed approach committed practice to your own evolution and awakening and development.

Neptune rules toxins, medicines over illusion, delusion, Glamour, beauty, artistry, the visual arts especially Creativity, unconditional love, all is one energy unity consciousness. And mind you Unity Consciousness is not the wish that we are all the same and hold the same opinion rather, it's where we are much more inclusive of all of the rich diversity and variety around us. And we're seeing power very strongly pushing in on divisiveness on the planet. These energies work with esoteric knowledge. And, you know, I know they work with astrology, given the timing of the things that happen and that occur on this planet. So, so understand the big contrast that's going on here, the more you're nipping at one another. They like that. That's part of the plan and create creating division because there's 8 billion of us, there's maybe 130 of them that really run things.

So Neptune is going to be it but certainly we'll all be under a little bit of Neptunian energy around the six and so it may not be a great time to balance your accounts, etc. But it is a beautiful time for engaging with beauty and creativity and harmony and compassion Neptune. On the seventh Mercury is trining Jupiter. So this is upbeat, positive, supportive, more faith, more hope. And this is from six degrees of Capricorn to Jupiter in Taurus. Jupiter will be stationing direct at the end of this month.

And then then on the 12th is the new moon. Always in Sagittarius at this time of year 21 degrees of Sagittarius. It's interesting to note that Mercury stations Direct within one degree of this new moon on January 1. So you may not feel the external influences, until Mercury catches up a bit, and opens and brings more awareness and developments. So that's why astrology is so fun. It's a big clock, that is aiding us in our plans in our growth. So the New Moon is at 21 degrees of Sagittarius and it is trining that North Node in Aries. The node has been very activated in the lunations the past couple of months. And trines are harmonious, they're gentle, they're flowing. It's not like a square or an opposition or conjunction. It's noticing what is really important for you when we go along to get along, which is the cause of a lot of problems. And of course we want to be in right relation. But when we go along to get along and deny ourselves very real needs ideas, themes in our lives that becomes very problematic for your own soul journey and your own soul trajectory. So the node has been very activated, healing the wounds of individuality of self assertion of going after what juices you and this new moon is squaring Neptune.

I find it fascinating that each month in October the lunations were squaring Pluto as Pluto stationing direct in November the lunations were squaring Saturn as Saturn stationing direct and sure enough, Neptune is just stationing direct and this new moon squares Neptune, which is about awakening clarity, adjustments. And Sagittarius is all about ideologies, religion, opinion, global news outlets, belief systems, belief systems drive things in the soul trajectory on this planet. What you believe tends to create things out there in the field, change your belief about things and the quantum field reorganizes itself over time to bring matching frequencies.

So this New Moon in Sagittarius is bumping up against Neptune spirituality, delusion, allusion medicine themes, global dynamics, global situations. Remember Sagittarius and the symbol of that is the Centaur which is part animal part man I can't tell you. Personally I think the animals more evolved than the man and a lot of ways but it's merging the Higher Self, the soul path in this human life in the personality, merging it with ego, merging soul awareness and consciousness so that we get to work with everything, everything that's available to us as far as information exchange and knowledge etc. But it's certainly the quest for knowledge. This may see some of you engaging more in long distance trips and plans etc. And if you are traveling with mercury retrograding and heading back into Sagittarius on the 23rd Mercury will be transiting through Sagittarius from the 23rd of December until January 13. Certainly this can see traveling revisiting people in places during this holiday season. This can also bring glitches with travel, which is airline travel, which is kind of becoming more problematic. But so these are themes learning higher education, higher consciousness and knowledge at this new moon trying that north node, and the square to Neptune can be about can you incorporate soul compassion, with your ideologies and your beliefs. There's always a lot of ways to look at the Rubik's cube. So very, very interesting month ahead. Much love to all of you. Be well


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