February 15th:  New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

February 15th: New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

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On Thursday the 15th the Partial New Moon Solar Eclipse is exact at 3:51 p.m. EST at 27 degrees Aquarius.  The Eclipse conjuncts the asteroids Juno (fairness), Hygeia (health practices), Mercury and sextiles Uranus.

The Eclipse will be visible from Antarctica and Southern South America.  An eclipse occurs when the New Moon moves between the Earth and the Sun blocking out the Sun's rays and casting a shadow over parts of the Earth.

New Moon's are times for initiating, creating, developing and creating new cycles in the chart in which it occurs.  The responding Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will occur on July 27th at 4 degrees Aquarius conjunct a retrograde Mars bringing acknowledgement and culminations for the patterns developing this month.

AQUARIUS:  Another level of personal planning, growth and physical development (losing weight, gaining weight, personal style, wardrobe, energy) envelopes you through the next several months as your need for change and evolved personal expression beckons.  You have been and continue to be in a state of profound personal change.

LEO:  Your partners health, plans, and development is the theme of the Eclipse.  Working with clients in a more balanced clear manner may evolve, consulting with experts for deeper understanding may increase, commercial activities heighten perhaps involving increased travel and communications.

PISCES:  The numinous, mystic and intuitive areas of life is highlighted by the Eclipse.  Working behind the scenes in solitude is a focus as is the divinely guided.  Pay attention to synchronicity in your life and reaching out to your guides and angles.  Strengthening your meditation patterns is encouraged as is paying attention to your dreams.

VIRGO: The Eclipse in your 6th house offer sagacious insight into your daily patterns.  This is a ripe time to introduce some new work methods as you shift out of routines that have become rout and low energy.  New employment opportunities, hiring employees, the addition of an animal family member, and healthy lifestyle choices are possible themes into the months ahead.

ARIES: The Eclipse deliver a strong time for implementing plans and agreements with your team members, friends and networking contacts.  New technology projects may be in "lift off" phase as you keep your eye on future possibilities and goals.  This is a strong time for expanding your contacts and connecting with like minded others who hold similar ideologies and goals.

LIBRA:  Communicating your creative ideas and plans is a theme into the weeks and months ahead as the Eclipse ignites your 5th house of authentic self-expression.  Felicitous developments are in the offering to enjoy yourself and take a chance on your talents and creativity.  Love and romance; younger people and children may also be an avenue delivering personal growth and pleasure.

TAURUS: Your star is rising with the next injection of solar energy moving you along in your career, status, reputation and life direction.  Communications, travel and planning are interwoven into your opportunities in the months ahead.  The group mind and progressive ideals provide the supportive spices to what you embarking upon.

SCORPIO:  Children, movements, discussions, fairness, health and ingenuity are influences directing the growth occurring in your personal and residential life.  Soul renewal, moves, residential renovations, parents and family are dynamic themes in your life for new patterns and personal development.

GEMINI:  You need adventure, movement and an expanding landscape both literally and figuratively.  The Eclipse is due to deliver opportunities for travel, luculent insights, broadening your horizons, marketing yourself, getting published, higher education, building that website, and moving beyond the familiar to explore and increase your knowledge.

SAGITTARIUS: The Eclipse triggers new patterns in your communications, sibling and relative relations, cars, computers, and self-expression.  Opportunities and growth are experienced in your neighborhood, community and through your day to day conversations.  You desire more connection and mobility which stimulates your mind and relationships.  Writing, grammar and educational activities are natural areas of interest and growth.

CANCER: A powerful time for psychological healing and clearing is the message of the Eclipse.  Financial planning with an eye towards savings and safe investments is strongly encouraged.  A period of new patterning arrives within your professional and intimate partnerships.  Strong communication and resource allocation planning are wise areas for focus and development.

CAPRICORN:  Your self-esteem is due for an upsurge.  You may find acknowledgement coming your way in the form of appreciation, income increase or financial promotions.  The Eclipse seeks more communication and movement in relation to your work.  Your confidence is growing urging new patterns regarding natural talents and abilities.  Progressive ideals, energy work, technology projects and authentic personal approaches encourage you.

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