February 2023 Part 1 ~ Full Moon Sidereal

February 2023 Part 1 ~ Full Moon Sidereal


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Hello, everybody, welcome to your February part one video on the sidereal, or the constellation influences. My name is Jean, I'm an integration soul coach offering both single sessions and packages. And for those of you local to Virginia Beach, I'm going to be having my first ever live channeling event on February 19.

So, all of the planets now are in direct motion signifying a faster rhythm and pace. And we have an interesting passage with the sun, the illuminating factor, and then mercury will be repeating this pattern the second half of the month, on the 2nd the Sun sextiles Chiron. Now remember, Chiron is more of a process than a planet. It's the process of healing and integration, and Chiron in Pisces up above, in the constellation where he continues to transit. We're talking about unity consciousness, but it's hard to embody unity consciousness, without inner awakening and inner work.

Reality is created through conscious and unconscious thoughts, emotions and intents and when aligned you become the reality you prefer, or what we call the optimal timeline energy. And often there is a need to look at self sabotaging behaviors and confront those inner shadows or those fragments within self to become self fully. I call that the programs that are running and only then can you really become and sustain a more full alignment with self.

The Sun then moves into square Uranus right on the 3rd the next day, and this is from 19 degrees Capricorn to Pisces. So this is the influences and the authorities in career and outer world. The Sun in Capricorn moves into square Uranus in Aries, the awakener and bringer of change as he continues his transit, the sign of individuation, sorting yourself out from the soup. And your mind often thinks change is predictable, and happens according to a linear model, A + B =C. But actually this is quite an alchemical process, and energetic mix of your thoughts, your belief patterns, your emotions, your resistances, and so on. All of these variables create a powerful energetic soup that propels your trajectory. So, this is from the second through about the fourth Sun sextiles Chiron, then it squares Uranus. So the inner work is highlighted here to understand the forces that affect how your reality is created. And seeing yourself more clearly the more you integrate the programming patterns from family from society even from traumas.

Now, the Full Moon occurs on the 5th of February at 22 degrees of Cancer. And this Full Moon is sextiling Mars in Taurus and it's squaring Uranus in Aries. So security family soul needs are very highlighted at this Full Moon in Cancer. Really bringing that emotional awareness around desires and needs and wants and a deeper understanding of how your own emotions affect your approach to your life and how your emotions affect other people. So personal developments are highlighted here housing real estate business the public. The sextile to Mars in Taurus suggests a very earthy and grounded approach, as well as any resources that may be needed at this Full Moon are in harmony with this culminating influence.

The square to Uranus in Aries brings tension adjustment and realizations of how your personal world life may be affecting your sense of autonomy and freedom. Remember Uranus in Aries is about the individuation process, what is really you and what is inherited beliefs and programs? What family influences are seeking release and removal tying in your growing individuation needs. So, in this life the family dynamics and environment are often playing out in very unconscious ways in your current reality in collective reality. Mercury now moves out of Sagittarius on February 7. Remember he retrograded at the end of December 29 degrees of Sagittarius and said hold on wait a minute. So this has been highlighting a review period to get in touch with your feelings and your beliefs. Sagittarius Mercury's the conscious mind of knowing and Chiron in Pisces is the feeling and the instinctual quality of tuning in and allowing so many know a lot about a little very Gemini but don't necessarily live and embed vibrationally what they know I call it the cooking, cooking cooking effect but you forget to eat. Living your knowledge translates into wisdom.

We are now out of the Mercury Retrograde shadow as of February 7, as Mercury ingress Capricorn and is back to his regulated orbit bringing activity regarding your outer world career community involvement, discussions, agreements, commercial activity, and feeling that life and goals are now processing and moving along. He will remain in Capricorn through February 28 when he will then transit into Aquarius.

My guides explain Retrogrades as the bridging of feelings and instincts to deepen your understanding of your reality and your life themes. And here's their quote they say "if life progressed at a consistently satisfying speed of external development there would be less deep learning about your human emotions about your feelings and about your manifesting system." Remember, we manifest more slowly here thank goodness or we would be cycling off planet all the time through making mistakes. They say "the ego is learning to be held and to trust the feeling tones of experience in the daily living." I always enjoy their perspective and their take on things which is often much broader, more conscious, more loving, of our human journey than perhaps what we tell ourselves about it. So much love everyone and we'll speak with you in the second half be well. ~





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