Jan. 4 - 13th:  Mars conjunct Jupiter / Sun conjunct Venus

Jan. 4 - 13th: Mars conjunct Jupiter / Sun conjunct Venus

Photo by Beth Robson

You enter a very positive period beckoning you to higher levels of optimism, courage, confidence, generosity, buoyancy, love, and inner peace.

Mars conjuncts Jupiter (exact on the 6th) at 17 degrees Scorpio while both square the North Node in Leo urging you on to effulgence and personal growth.  You have more courage and confidence to reach out for more love, play, creative expression, and personal autonomy.  By autonomy I mean the confidence to express yourself more fully and actualize your inner potential.

This is a potent time to take a chance and believe in yourself.  You can make course corrections in your life as you experience elevated synchronicity while flowing with purpose and integrity.  This is quintessential "Spiritual Warrior" energy that when aligned with positive intentions can really move you along.

The Sun Venus conjunction (exact on the 9th) occurs at 19 degrees Capricorn signaling a time for fresh new starts in your relationships, finances, social activies and with your goals and vocation.  Harmonizing and blending the dualities in your life feels easier now.  A deep sense of well-being, peace, and harmony is aligned with both your inner relationship to self and your outer connections with others.  Creativity and beauty are highlighted as you see clearly that truth is love.

Good luck should prevail through this period as opportunities tend to appear when you are "feeling" optimistic.  Breakthroughs that you have been patiently waiting for and gestating upon come to fruition.  Happy New Year ~~

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I have really enjoyed all of your videos. Thank you for all of the detailed and insightful information!

Trease Stapleton

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