January 19 - 23rd:  Mars square Saturn

January 19 - 23rd: Mars square Saturn

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The vibrant energy of free will and self directed momentum, Mars, is harnessed by taskmaster Saturn.  Here you find the energy of contraction, the breath in before the cleansing and relaxing release of the exhale.  Do what you know you need to do even if it's hard - this transit represents responsible action, mature decisions, and moving through personal fears to arrive on the other side of whatever feels heavy, negative or contracting.

The square is exact on Monday the 21st from 13 degrees Aries to Capricorn ushering in the immense clearing out energy of the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo.  You will feel relief and reward as you head into Wednesday the 23rd when Mars then moves into the life enhancing trine with Jupiter - a passage of increased buoyancy, optimism and faith in the Universal order of life.

This is a period of feeling transported from a constricted emotional reality to one of purposeful expansion - the breath in and the releasing breath out.  It may be hard to "see" the possibilities in the moment and the very reason why you need to connect with trust and hope.

While Saturn is holding you to the themes of responsible action and moving through fear he is also concurrently reaching out to Neptune in sexile aspect 14 degrees Capricorn to Pisces through mid-February.  Here lives the opportunity to combine compassion and spiritual knowledge with practical application.  Is your work purposeful?  Does your life feel meaningful?  If not, how can you change that?

Adjustments and releasing can feel scary to the human mind especially when it's hard to see the way forward.  Full Moon Eclipses heighten the emotional response patterns, and in this case, the past patterns and experiences, clouding the higher trajectory process of moving you from one phase into another. 

You are moving from familiar terrain (and often outworn) into new geography and life experiences.  Let your emotions and mind hold that light of potential "in the moment" even if the emotional body cannot currently grasp the relief, exhale and beautiful potential awaiting you ~

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thank you Jean! I have been following Astrology for years and find your perspective and messages sound and educating.


Namaste 🦋


Heartlink Greetings Jean
Much Gratitude to Your Compassionate Heart for Sharing this Deeply Helpful Transit Message with All Souljourn Travellers during These Life Changing Phases…
May We All be Transformed in Heartfelt Light…
Be Well, Peaceful and Unafraid to Shine our Hearts Light in these Coming Years…
Blessings and Love to All
Geraldine xxx


Thank you for the synchronization of this message. I quit my good job, it was so stressful and my emotional quality of life was suffering. I’ve never done anything so selfish in my life. I’m so scared but, st the same time I’ve never felt more at peace. I knew what I needed to do and I did it. For the life of me it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in my head but, enertically I’ve hit a nodal point that just says “there is something better to do”. Blessings to you xx


thank You for the knowledge and instruction


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