March Forecasts and Channeled February Livestream REPLAY

March Forecasts and Channeled February Livestream REPLAY

Pluto (transformation/subconscious/deep and profound change) tip toes into Aquarius where he stations at 0 degrees and then retrogrades back into Capricorn from June until January 2024 when he then commits to the sign of Aquarius for the next two decades bringing deep transformation to societal structures and technology.  What does this mean for you?  Watch your March Forecasts on Patreon!


For several years Jean has channeled a high vibrational group of Guides. They bring forth extremely loving and encouraging messages designed to shift your perspective of your life, your value and your journey on this teaching planet called Earth.~ Join us on our Monthly Livestream

Watch the REPLAY of the February Livestream We were joined by a guide named Anu he is aligned with the pro generators of this planet or the seeding of planet Earth.  He discusses the strong duality systems we are so strongly experiencing during this passage.  Liberia aligned with the Divine Feminine, discussed the practical approaches to opening our hearts to ourselves  in a loving and nurturing manner.


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