JULY 2022 Part 2 ~ New Moon

JULY 2022 Part 2 ~ New Moon


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On the 17th Venus joins the Sun and Mercury in Cancer a very feminine and proactive cardinal sign known to be kind, gentle, security conscious and with strong ties to the mother energy and family.  Peace, quiet and home energy is highlighted.  Cancer also brings out the mothering quality and this sign also rules business and the public.

The Sun and Mercury are also traveling closely together in Cancer when it can be easier to talk about feelings.  You may experience more communications with others – neighbors, friends and family it’s a busy time with lots of appointments, correspondence, meetings, social activity, new information to process, and decisions to make. This is a good time for sharing ideas, making plans, buying and selling, negotiating, and meeting new people.

They both trine Neptune on the 17th bringing more sensitivity, intuition and appreciation for the creative and artistic. 25 degrees Cancer to Pisces.

On the 18/19th The Sun and Mercury transiting Cancer now oppose Pluto in Capricorn.  If Cancer is warmth and emotion Capricorn in contrast can feel cool, calculating and focused.  Be aware of your own energy through this period and the people and environment around you.  You may experience some power issues through here in communication with others and travel experiences.

You may also be the instigator of change and being aware of how you go about that is helpful now.  You may instigate or it may be forced upon you.

We are now in orb of the Uranus conjunct North Node energy that will perfect at 19 degrees of Taurus on the 31st.  The North Node represents the call for new information, patterns and themes.  You may attract people or lessons into your life that encourage you to detach from traditions or conventions that are keeping you from growing.  Pivotal friendships or group connections may occur.

In Taurus life lessons are about learning to be more self-sufficient while aligning with focusing on bettering the world around you in your relationships, community and society writ large.  This may bring a retraining and changing your definition of what abundance, security and comfort means to you.

Uranus is the awakener, change agent that may bring surprises, change, upsets and quick developments.  Mars will move into conjunction with this energy on August 1st although you will feel it beforehand.  Mars is a trigger planet for the large transits personalizing in an immediate manner.  Mars conjunct Uranus is a combustible combination when you see a lot of quick developments and reactions. 

In Holland we are seeing a large farmer demonstration as government seeks to reduce cattle farming by 30% leaving many farmers extremely unsure about their ability to earn a living. 

Yet, this may bring in a strong energetic of personal empowerment, need for change and personal emancipation.

On the 19th Chiron stations retrograde at 16 degrees of Aries until December when he will station direct at 11 degrees.  The Chiron effect moves from the external to the internal rather than learning about your sensitivities through the day to day external experiences you will now be reflecting on them and your inner work.

In Aries you may feel a sense of urgency – Ok let’s heal and clear up trauma and Aries is not always comfortable with tough, painful and complicated feelings.

Speed and impatience runs counter to the Chiron process.  Do your best slowing down and realizing this isn’t a perfection event; contest or race to be won….it IS the journey.  Venus will square newly retrograde Chiron on the 31st from 16 Cancer to Aries when you may find relationships or family dynamics irritate old wounds.

Yet this is our process.  Pay attention to where Chiron is located in your chart as those energies are part of the story. 

On the 19th Mercury transits Leo through August 4th and the Sun joins in on the 22nd.  Leo, a fixed fire sign is ruled by the Sun representing the ego, creativity, illumination and wisdom.  The Sun illuminates the dark and the subconscious bringing your needs and motivations to light.  Self-esteem and your sense of importance is highlighted.  Confidence and vitality is the Sun’s and hence Leo’s domain.  Leo rules executives, managers, performers, entertainment and children.

Play, pleasure and self-gratification is a theme. 

The New Moon occurs on July 28th in Leo at 6 degrees and trines a stationing retrograde Jupiter at 8 degrees Aries.  Jupiter remains retrograde until November 23rd when he stations direct at 29 degrees Pisces.  This highlight the 5th and 1st houses on the natural zodiac wheel – a fire trine – will, spirit, inspiration, children’s affairs and education are tied to former developments I do feel schools will continue to be in a state of change and disruption in the months ahead.

Children and their safety and physical health is a huge focus – Uranus is transiting the US 5th house highlighting changes, shock and disruption but also new forms.  This dismantling process occurring across societies is also the driver of long term reorganization.

The Guides say “this is a time of learning to raise your vibration from these dense patterns. And to bring a lot of healing into your heart, into the heart space. The heart has been negated in so many of the life experience and also in the power centers on planet.


We gently encourage you to be mindful of where you place your thoughts, peace, beauty, artistry, that which is soothing and uplifting, is like balm for both the mind, the heart and the soul.


We see a great need for this self-care. And this tending to we remind them that we are participating, encouraging and supporting this awakening on planet from these density patterns and systems remind you of what a transformative time this is for so many humans now, and we as always are grateful for their healing and their light.”


Much love everyone ~


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