June 5 - 8th:  Sun conjunct Mercury square Neptune

June 5 - 8th: Sun conjunct Mercury square Neptune

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Mercury and the Sun conjunct this week merging the thinking mind, plans, travel, sibling/relative situations with increased awareness and activity.  This may be a very communicative time for exchanges, local travel and conversations.  But, with the square to Neptune the "sending" and "receiving" function of communication may be skewed.

This will be an easy time (think Mercury retrograde storm) to misinterpret what you are receiving and to be confusing in your own messaging.  Yet, squares often ask you for adjustments and actions.  With the super mental energy of Sun/Mercury in air sign Gemini squaring sensitive and essence oriented Neptune in Pisces perhaps there is some benefit in taking your time and integrating the "feeling senses" with what the lower mind is processing.

A strong week to be "extra diligent" in clarifying all of your plans, trips, talks, texts, call and emails.  The lower vibrational energy can manifest as someone intentionally misleading you. 

Tend to your energy levels too.  The body/mind may need more floating time, rest and space for recharging.

Venus is also in opposition to Pluto on the 5th and 6th heightening awareness in your relationships, finances, personal life, public life and emotional exchanges.  Awareness is a key term here.  Awareness of financial possibilities, relationship dynamics, the use of power and the force of love.



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Thank you Jean💜 I needed these comforting words of WISDOM today…✨


💕Perfect :) thank you! ms Jean 🌹Teresa

Teresa Carroll

💕Perfect :) thank you! ms Jean 🌹Teresa

Teresa Carroll

Thank you for this as it is so much help with what I am dealing with now. My love will overcome

joseph carson

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