March Part 2 ~ New Moon

March Part 2 ~ New Moon

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Hello, everyone, welcome to your march 2023, part two, video scope, we have a new moon coming up. I just wanted to share though a little bit about Earth, in your chart, it is exactly opposite your sun signs. So if you have your Sun Leo at 11 degrees, Earth will be found in Aquarius at 11 degrees. Because of course, we're all living on this planet. So Earth is often showing how we ground how we stabilize how we move through this third dimensional space. So if you have Sun in Leo and the heart, and in your self development in your creative abilities you ground in through friends and through your group dynamics and following your highly unique path in order to share that energy of yours with others. So given the energy on Earth now, during this very transformational time, changes happening rapidly and profoundly, no matter how afraid you may feel. And that is the nature of the energy at this time. And you can learn to feel more comfortable with the unknown, knowing that it's time for that and with new directions even that may arise so that when growth becomes necessary, you can navigate that with more grace and ease and compassion right for yourself. So see where you may be moving too fast, see where you may be resisting change, and seek the middle road, seek the middle road. And as you do this, you also assist Gaia, Mother Earth, in transforming herself with grace and ease.

I want to make you aware of a webinar I'm doing Sunday, March 19. I'm a teacher, I'm a soul coach, I'm an astrologer,  a channel. I like many of you I'm very multi dimensional in what I work with and my avocation and my service on planet, but what I'm doing is I'm teaching new Earth energy, which is frequency and plasma and intention, and how to work with your own multi dimensional energy. And the guides that I channel as well as myself will be addressing some key areas, including changing negative thought patterns, holding handling, anxious thinking, creating space for internal attunement and discerning between unconscious thought patterns and conscious patterns of thought. And, you know, I'll be sharing the video link for this, that's yours to keep to reference. Okay. So I very compassionately want to make you aware of these teachings that I'm doing as I am fulfilling, you know, part of my contracts on planet, right?

So we're in a very dynamic month. And I think I'm going to start right out with that Mars energy with all of my clients, many of my clients, many people in my personal life what I keep hearing is anxiety. And I think this Mars Gemini transit has added to this feeling because Gemini is the sign that loves information, and it knows a little about a lot, right? It's kind of skipping along the surface of a pond, it may not have in depth information about what it is taking in. And in the West, we have been living in this age of rationalism and mechanical thought mechanical thought means this is a plant and that does this and this is a dog and it does that. It doesn't include consciousness, sentience in the mechanistic model is what I'm saying. And we of course know that everything is consciousness blades of grass and the squirrels and even what you think of as inanimate objects. And with Mars in Gemini since August retrograded, at the end of October, this is the tropical chart at 25 degrees of Gemini, then it stationed direct. And it's going to be moving out of Gemini on the 25th of March and it will head into Cancer through May 20. But so this Mars, which is energy, and strengthening the sign that it's occupying has been even more mental rational energy. And what happens is when you get a build up of that, and you're not grounding into Earth, literally taking it down into Earth, it creates a lot of anxious patterns. And anxiety is tied to future future what if this happens, what if that happens, etc.

And that's why so much of our teaching now and what we're also going to be discussing in this webinar is how to work with that techniques to use how to know when you're in that kind of revving cycle and you need to engage with that in a conscious loving manner. So I think that this Mars transit into Cancer on the 25th is going to be helpful to get more into that heart space and more into that nurturing space. Now in the sidereal or the constellation, which is the psycho spiritual, because we are much more than just the external.

That's what we're learning to handle is all of this externalization of everything to bring that energy inward, Saturn Pisces, and learn to contain and hold, right. So Mars on the 15th moved from Taurus in the constellation chart. So I imagine for many this has been tied to money and finance and self esteem pieces and insecurity about value and worth and talents. How to expand or shift or change your earning patterns, you material patterns.

So the Mars Taurus, Mars, Gemini psycho-spiritual Earth forum, have been traveling together and on the 15th Mars in the sidereal or Vedic chart, moved out of Taurus into Gemini, it retrograded at Gemini in the sidereal at the end of October at zero degrees. So, now Mars will be heading into Gemini, which should be bringing some conscious awareness with communication patterns, etc. With that which you've been ruminating about, or if there's been a financial dilemma or disagreement or conflict, you may find that decisions and discussions and movement can happen now. As Mars in the emotional psycho-spiritual chart is now in Gemini from the 15th. of March until May 12. Okay, we're also seeing in the internal the esoteric esoteric is inner chart constellation, the Sun and Mercury are both transiting through Pisces now where Neptune has just transited mid March. So this is bringing more illumination about the spiritual path the collective path but compassionate the creative. Pisces can also about be about self sabotaging patterns of self sabotaging and the inner attunement way the inner way now on the 16th Venus heads into Taurus in the tropical chart where she'll be transiting until April 11 and the earth chart so this may be helpful now to ground to work with your resources in a more respectful manner with yourself and your talents, and Self Esteem is everything really its intention. And what you think about yourself in the world is what manifests in your external world, right? But Venus should be helpful as she's moving into Taurus on the 16th in the soul chart the esoteric chart until April 11. On the same day, the 16th Venus is heading into Aries in the tropical chart in the exoteric, the external chart, and Aries is very inspired. This is a fire sign trines are fire aspects, it's a flow of energy. So Venus Aries can also be helpful for inspiration and more confidence and for assertion for some that might express as aggression, it depends on where you are in your evolution. But going after that, which you value and care about.

And on the 16th Mercury is also shifting into Pisces in the esoteric or the constellation chart, he will be moving through Pisces, and then at the end of the month into Aries where he's going to retrograde at 20 degrees of Aries on April 21. So we're going to be working between these two principles of Pisces and Aries, the internal attunement and the action and the inspired and on the 19th Mercury heads into Aries in the tropical chart. So things are really popping now out there in the external on the earth and the world and in the themes and the cycles. So they'll be you know more proactive words and actions and plans and decisions.

And then on the 20th the Sun heads into Aries in the exoteric in the tropical chart, which is always hearkening this spring equinox, and which is also known as the vernal equinox. And it marks a moment when the sun crosses the celestial equator, resulting in equal times of daylight, and nighttime for the entire planet. Now, this event always happens around the 20th 21st of March in the northern hemisphere and around September 22 23rd, in the southern hemisphere. So this is certainly considered an important marker of the solar year. And it's associated for sure, with themes of growth and balance, and renewal. It's also seen as a time of reflection, as people consider their personal growth and development over this past year, and set intentions for this coming season. So it's a time for celebration. And for more energy, we know that the leylines the Earth's magnetic veins, if you will, become more active and expand around the spring equinox or fall equinox, depending on what hemisphere you reside, bringing healing and transformation and power to the fore. And then on the very next day, the 21st that's the new moon. And this is at zero degrees 49 minutes of Aries in the earth chart. So this is really speaking to being on the precipice of new beginnings and shifts and changes, right. And this is conjunct Mercury, which has a lot of movement, communication, children siblings, friends are tied to this new moon.

And just like the full moon in the first half of March it is again squaring that Mars energy right? So Mars is still in Gemini in the tropical and it's at early Gemini in the constellation. And I feel that the square to Mars has all been about how are you handling your ego energy, your thought patterns, your communication patterns. You know, ego is left brain rational mechanistic thinking, right brain feminine, receptive, allowing tuning in kind compassionate nurturing.

So I think this has been part of the collective learning is this egoic self where you're finding the little pockets and areas, maybe big areas for refinement, right for refinement. You know, what I do in my client sessions is we're always talking about the themes. And the left brain thinks, man, I thought I handled this like 15 years ago or whatever. But if we look at the spiral of time before you come on planet, you set up themes to experience for your evolution and growth in this very emotional, dynamic place. And so what I share with clients are the themes that I'm seeing. And they're often coming into me for a session or coaching, when that theme is coming around again. So it brings a different perspective to what we're doing here. Rather than thinking that this is supposed to be a perfection of that in our lives, which is what the left brain mechanical model tells us and then productivity that we hear about from you know, our businesses and corporations and school systems. When we look at it from the heart centered space, it's just that this is coming around again, to be met with a different consciousness, maybe more maturity, more wisdom, more compassion.

So another square to Mars at the lunation this month, but this New Moon on the 21st is also sextiling Pluto sitting at just getting ready to head into Aquarius on the 23rd where it's  gonna sit there at zero degrees of Aquarius. So we've got the new moon at zero degrees of Aries in the tropical we've got Pluto sitting at zero degrees of Aquarius, so it's going to be sextiling this vernal equinox. and it's going to be sextiling, this new moon as well, which is really going to be bringing a taste of where our consciousness is meant to engage with right, and then Pluto retrograde June until January. So it doesn't really get its feet wet in Aquarius, but we get little fine markers and suggestions of what he will be bringing in a deeply transformational way in January of next year into the next 20 years ahead.

This I do know though. All the divisions showing all of the blaming and finger pointing between ourselves is from my view what the social engineers want, because the more you can divide up humanity, you know, family members, not talking people not talking, the less that there's focus on accountability for them. And I know I feel that I know that the way forward is for us to expand our compassion and care for and love of one another, we all come from the same place the same source. We come here on this planet to experience separation, I'm alone. That's what the ego says, and I've got to compete against you. And I've got to do this. But this is a time of remembering how we all do come from the same source field. And that doesn't mean loving everyone liking everyone but learning to respect one another's path and their expressions and their personal history because I'll tell you the most wounding actions I see are the most wounded people who haven't, you know, healed parts of themselves and are trying to amass power and influence and wealth to fill that hole. Right. So we really want to bring our focus to right relationship and right action and care.

And then on the 25th now in the esoteric on the 21st the New Moon is in Pisces six degrees of Pisces. So this is suggesting, new developments, new moons external developments. But the esoteric is about the knowing of compassion and the oneness of all even as we're having this separate experience and lots of drama and emotional growth through these Earth patterns. And the new moon in Pisces on the 21st of course is also squaring Mars in early Gemini. How is the ego doing how's the left brain and right brain right mind? Feminine masculine? How's that relationship going? Because we need both. We don't want to suppress or obliterate one or the other. But this is really a time of bringing that feminine back up and out for inclusion in  marriage of sorts. And, you know, this new moon in Pisces is also sextiling Pluto, which is an early Capricorn. So the spiritual or esoteric is that Pluto is going to be bringing great change to government institutions and systems that's already in play. And that really started heating up right around the beginning of this pandemic.

So just to give you some dimensional perspective, that's my intention and bringing in. I know some of you don't like that. But that's my intention in bringing in what is the sidereal the Vedic which I don't practice, Vedic is a whole area of focus and study. I'm looking at the patterns in the sky and how we're working with the time based chart. Okay, so the 25th Mars heads into cancer now, finally, you know, from August until the 25th, Mars has been transiting through Gemini, which is seen kind of an overdevelopment of those upper chakras right?

Now, Mars transits Cancer - mother, Gaia, family heart is saying, okay, left brain, we need to nurture now we need some nurturing, perhaps even from some of the recent experiences, but more so the masculine energy that is also extremely wounded and how we're seeing that playing out out there, too. Okay. Hope this makes sense. Much love to all of you.

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