September 15 - 21st:  Final Mars square Uranus

September 15 - 21st: Final Mars square Uranus

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Dates of Note:

September 15 - 21st:  Mars square Uranus

October 10th:  Mars past retrograde shadow (9 degrees Aquarius)

November 15th:  Mars ingress Pisces

"The cosmos will not share with those whose ego is out of order, " Neil Kramer

This has been a time of adjustment with ego, value system, self-confidence, talents, abilities, goals, future dreams, social media, friends, alliances and group mind. ~

The final Mars square Uranus ((The first fell on May 16 and the second on August 2.) empowers you through a period of awakening; to your real needs, to outer people and circumstances, and to future themes seeking to be born.  Often, it feels jarring as this transit pierces your consciousness in order to get your attention and aid in your awakening.

The 17th and 18th are dynamic and unpredictable days.  Collectively it feels edgy, impatient, frustrating, and reactive.  Mars square Uranus can be explosive and angry.  Please be aware and be careful while driving and moving in haste.  This is not the time seek  negotiation and resolution to an ongoing problem.  Let the chemicals die down and exercise patience.  Stress relieving activities are also encouraged.  Electric devices and communication systems can misbehave during this time, batteries need changing and handle your phones and computers with care.

You will feel the Aquarian themes gaining traction after the square.  July and August beckoned you to slow down, rethink, and take some down time before rushing into the next goal, future theme and personal wishes.  Remember time is not really "linear" and you are connecting again on that circular spiral of potential reinforced with renewed clarity and energy propulsion.

Mars is your will, drive, ego gasoline, desires, ambitions and wants.  Mars is the soldier on behalf of your consciousness (Sun) and provides the impetus to take courageous action.  Aquarius is group identity, the whole, collective energy, freedom of choice, technology, futuristic themes, science, astrology and equality.

Mars fuels this energy of choice (or feeling a lack thereof) and is ready to do battle on behalf of freedom.  Uranus has been awakening the individual (Aries) sometimes in a highly reactive and angry manner, at the biological levels (chakra awakening / higher consciousness) and now heads into grounding Taurus where you are supported to bring this electrical energy into your awareness for conscious use and direction.  A focus on humanities "resources" commences.

For some this will be a time for increased "service" in the world for the good of the whole.  For others this will ramp up the "my way or highway" theme.  Know that you are being prepared for a new cycle of growth and development and the Mars Uranus square that has occurred three times from May through September carries messages of what this means for you. 

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