July 29 - August 5th: Mars square Uranus

Transformational Coaching - check in, receive support/feedback and refine


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Dates of Note:

July 29 - August 5th:  RX Mars square Uranus

August 12 - September 10th:  Mars retrogrades into Capricorn

August 27th:  Mars DIRECT at 28 degrees Capricorn

September 10 - November 15th:  Mars transits Aquarius

September 15 - 21st:  Mars square Uranus

October 10th:  Mars past retrograde shadow (9 degrees Aquarius)

November 15th:  Mars ingress Pisces


"Will is Change.  Most change only when they have to." 

Your confidence and focus may blur and recede during the retrograde instinctively knowing this is not the time for new initiatives but rather gestation, getting clear on motives, desires and ambitions.  Mars retrograde provides the time to get it right, refine what is already in motion and to check in with yourself.

This is a time of collective review on the use of masculine energy.  How do you hurt yourself through wrong use of energy?  How can you align your desires and attachments in a manner that supports rather than disappoints?  We need the feminine energy of love and wisdom to be a guiding force through this period bringing balance and discernment.  Pushing against others in an effort to dominate behavior never brings peace and growth. 

"The cosmos will not share with those whose ego is out of order, " Neil Kramer

Value this time as you make adjustments around ego, value system, self-confidence, talents, abilities, goals, future dreams, social media, friends, alliances and group mind. ~

I tend to look back at jarring events in gratitude - not always in the moment, but with the event safely in my rear view mirror I almost always realize it was a gift of awakening and insight.  In other words, we may not always feel comfortable when we are dealing with innate truths, new cycles and the Universe moving us along in our development.

Mars square Uranus takes you through a period of awakening; awakening to your real needs, to outer people and circumstances, and future themes seeking to be born.  Often, it feels jarring as this transit pierces your consciousness in order to get your attention and aid in your awakening.

Mars is your will, drive, ego gasoline, desires, ambitions and wants.  Mars is the soldier on behalf of your consciousness (Sun) and provides the impetus to take courageous action.  Aquarius is group identity, the whole, collective energy, freedom of choice, technology, futuristic themes, science, astrology and equality.

Mars fuels this energy of choice (or feeling a lack thereof) and is ready to do battle on behalf of freedom.  Uranus has been awakening the individual (Aries) sometimes in a highly reactive and angry manner, at the biological levels (chakra awakening / higher consciousness) and now heads into grounding Taurus where you are supported to bring this electrical energy into your awareness for conscious use and direction.  A focus on humanities "resources" commences.

For some this will be a time for increased "service" in the world for the good of the whole.  For others this will ramp up the "my way or highway" theme.  Know that you are being prepared for a new cycle of growth and development and the Mars Uranus square that occurs three times from May through September carries messages of what this means for you. 


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