May 13 - June 15th:  Neptune trine North Node

May 13 - June 15th: Neptune trine North Node

Photo by Beth Robson



The aspect is exact on May 22nd from 18 degrees Pisces to Cancer.  Saturn still opposes the Node but is now in retrograde easing the lessons and growth patterns.

Now, the planet of spirit, intrapersonal love and creative awareness moves in to heighten the collective energy.  Compassion is a relevant term as is love.  The ability to see the love in everything is not always easy.  Earth shows the "lack of love" in people's behavior and it is easy to see when people are not in a state of love.

But, that is the duality here - that which is aligned with love and that which is not.  This cycle can heighten your ability to align more easily with love - loving yourself, loving the earth school experience hard as it may be at times, directing love in your creative intentions, and in your ability to appreciate beauty and kindness.

Flowing ease with your contemplative practice, health regimes, water activities, pet dynamics, creative business endeavors, the "inner" feminine, housing, real estate, water themes, conscious business practices, the public, film, photography and intuitive insights are highlighted.

Compassion, art, beauty, esthetics, ethics and morality are the cornerstones of a civil society.  Know that your vibrational awareness and consciousness filters out to the many and the collective fabric.

Embody your ability to love, create, nurture, nourish, and emulate that for those around you. Cancer invites you to contain and to share with those in your community ~



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