May 6 - 8th:  Mercury square Pluto / Venus square Neptune

May 6 - 8th: Mercury square Pluto / Venus square Neptune

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Since March 6th Mercury has been transiting Aries igniting, rethinking and gestating on your inspirations and personal will.  Mercury will finish it's transit of the fire sign on May 13th when he transits into Taurus to prepare for the Uranus transit into Taurus three days later on May16th. But, before this shift there is further transformative energy on the way when he squares Pluto in Capricorn (21 degrees Aries to Capricorn) on Sunday and Monday. 

Mercury moved beyond his retrograde shadow on Thursday, May 3rd.  You can feel your sense of clarity and focus return as life takes on a more predictable rhythm.

Now you enter a few days of feeling stretched.  The mental review has concluded and seeks new insights and perceptions.  Mercury square Pluto may take the form of heavy or ego fueled communications within established structures in your life.  You may be keen to get to the bottom of a situation and root out truthful answers.  A few questions given form through intention may be "please show me the truth of this situation," and "when you change the way you look at things the things you look at change."

Venus is also in square aspect Sunday and Monday as she transits duality and intellectually focused Gemini from 15 degrees Gemini to Neptune in Pisces.  There is flexibility available to adjust your heart awareness and relating approach.  But, with Neptune you need a few days for the fog to clear hence the prudent suggestion to refrain from financial or relationship decisions this weekend.

Squares typically spur you on to make adjustments and direct your consciousness accordingly.  The Sun sextiles Neptune from Taurus to Pisces during this time providing an integration platform for matters of the heart (Venus) and mind (Mercury).

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MAY the fourth be with you now and forevermore 😁

Jonathan Stanbury

Thankyou for your very valuable insight 5th at you share so lovingly❤

Jonathan Stanbury

Thank you for your insight there seems to be a lot going on with Gemini and Taurus. Two signs which are related to me in many ways my sun sign is Taurus and my moon is in Gemini. Could this mean that there will be some choppy energies ahead for me?

Richard Dacres

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