May Part 1 2023 Lunar Eclipse

May Part 1 2023 Lunar Eclipse

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Hello, everyone, welcome to your May Part One Lunar Eclipse video. I'm Jean. I am a coach, intuitive channel and an astrologer. And thank you for being here. Thanks for tuning in. I'm having savings on my phone sessions through the Mercury Retrograde May 14 and I have an upcoming Pluto Webinar Saturday, the sixth and we still have some openings on that links will be below.


Now I'm going to tell you a story about a woman and I feel her story is a nice reflection of this energy signature we're moving through. Back in 2006 she was working as a trainer writing trainings for corporations, businesses and working hard. She wasn't really happy with her business partner. And she was feeling a deepening sense of tension within her. Now she was a prolific dreamer and had been dreaming for years and keeping a journal. And she had a dream back in June 2006. And this was the first time this group came in, it was kind of like a council of three in outline, she said, and they said to her, we need to operate on you because you cannot clear this all on your own. And so she was trying to overlay a metaphorical meaning to it. But sure enough, she had finished this huge training seminar to a very large company and the very next day, she started to have a lot of pain in her stomach and she remembered she had the same pain back in July when she was vacationing having a great and happy vacation with others. So she kind of tended to it took some pain relievers. You know, I think she said that she was put a heating pad on etcetera. And she made a call she called her uncle who is a doctor. And he was making suggestions. And then at the last moment, the doctor's wife got on the phone and said now if you vomit, it's probably your appendix and you need to get to the hospital. And sure enough, the woman went on for about two or three days. And she ended up vomiting and the pain went away. So she knew she needed to get into the hospital, although it took her some time.

She went in and they announced that her appendix had ruptured, and they couldn't wait to operate. And so they did so and the surgeon was very irritated with her asking her why it took so long for her to get into the hospital. And she shared that she'd had the same pain while on vacation a couple of months ago. He said that's impossible. And the woman said, Well, no, it's true. And then he said, Well, you know, you are on the edge of being here and not being here. And this health crisis began an odyssey of moving her away from the corporate job that she was hanging on to she was very strong hanging in there, even though the job was increasingly becoming out of resonance and had the increased tension within her. Now the appendix is down there in that first second chakra first is what security and safety,  second chakra is emotional happiness and creativity. And so began from this health crisis, that her guides had told her they needed to come and operate that she couldn't clear all of the density by herself on her own. That began an odyssey of shifts and changes for her.

Who is this woman? This woman was me and I have seen this over and over with clients where you continue to stay in situations, relationships, environments, etc, whatever that may or may not be that are increasingly being the source of some pain and feeling out of harmony and dissonance. And after the surgery, it began a clearing out literally of those fear programs about being authentic. And that led me to my service on planet now. And I've  been a an expert in many ways with transformation sessions and shadow work with clients for well over a decade calling all the parts home because I knew firsthand and I have that experiential understanding and I also saw the symptoms and other people's lives of when and where things were becoming tense, and imbalanced, and a life of no longer being in resonance with how you built it. And that can be scary to change that when you don't know quite where you're going.

Now, my story may be extreme. But I also see illness as the challenge and the path of learning for people too illness is simply the manifestation in cells that are no longer talking to each other, that are out of harmony, given a mental emotional pattern in that human's life. And so we have into very strong Scorpionic territory this first week of May, because on May 1, Pluto's retrograding at zero degrees of Aquarius, and the esoteric meaning of that is the transformation of one's path of the collective hologram, the collective energy. So we're just sitting on the cusp of this and getting a taste of this, are you feeling it and this will Pluto return to Aquarius in January and then transits through this sign for the next 20 years. And Pluto, as I've shared before, it's not polite, it's like change must happen. This can be easy, or it can be more difficult and our higher self, our oversoul, our guides, you know, I've seen this over and over where they will start taking away that which is not in resonance, and that can be fearful because things aren't working the way they used to work any more things you thought you could rely on. And it's taking away those familiar patterns. So that you are open to searching and trying and doing different things.

Also on the first of May, the Sun is conjunct Mercury Retrograde in Taurus. And Taurus is all about our confidence, our stability, our resources, living by our values, and marshaling all of our resources, physically, mentally, emotionally, in a way that is in alignment with our vibrational frequency. So as this conjunction occurs, see if there's something that's illuminated within you with a Mercury Retrograde hear about things that you used to do or things that you enjoy, or some epiphanies or awareness, right, because Scorpio is, you know, ruled by Pluto. It's an intense, deep, emotional transformational, and sometimes an intense energy to navigate. Because it's deep, it's dealing with the subterranean and the subconscious. Pluto can also be empowerment and real abundance in the real world of resources as well. So there are lots of possibilities here.


This lunar eclipse is asking what needs to be released psychologically or habitually, or with the fear or remember, these are both in fixed signs so they can dig in and hang in there. So this lunar eclipse is going to be helping to dislodge and become more emotionally aware of whatever deep seated patterns, if any, within you are in need of release and renewal, right. This perfects on May 5, the Eclipse at 1:23pm Eastern Daylight Time at 15 degrees of Scorpio. And it is opposing the Sun, of course, Uranus, Mercury Retrograde, and Uranus often has to do with freedom themes and doing things your own way. And stepping into your individuality with great love and trust and nurturing. This eclipse is trining Mars in Cancer, which is all about nurturing of self relays to how you relate with others. The full moon is in Libra in the constellation chart and Libra is often about what's out of balance. Yes, it's about relationship. It's about justice and equality diplomacy. But the esoteric passage of the Librian energy is to bring balance not things ever imperfect balance, but often things get really, really out of balance and then the tension starts and over time and that can manifest as disease or disharmony within the body.

So, it's a gentle time to hold space for yourself and with yourself. And this can just be bringing excitement and breakthroughs and innovation. As you are letting go. Something is culminating in that Scorpio house in your sign. And eighth house metaphorically, in transformation themes big money, finances, depths, investments, savings, baking, all of that, but this trine to Mars in Cancer, which is really speaking to a flowing connection point of ego, wellness and ego health and the nurturing function of family and home family of choice family of origin. So, this is a very interesting lunar eclipse, and it will be at least partially visible from Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, Pacific, the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans. And Antarctica. Again, Antarctica was visible in that solar eclipse in Australia, you're going to be receiving solar eclipses into the next 15 years ahead. So you can imagine that your country is in for great change and shifts and development. So you know, this can suggest tension and potential conflict but also surprises and breakthroughs and a harmonious flow of energy with Mars involved, and the potential for action and initiative that is of a healing quality.

Now Mercury still retrograde until May 14, having us revisit our values and our levels of confidence in our resources and our Resource Management. The sun exactly conjunct Uranus on the ninth of May. So you know, this can be very surprising always with Uranus. It can be surprising time before that, on the seventh Venus heads into cancer where she'll be transiting until June 5. So this is really lovely. She's joining Mars in Cancer now. And this would be Gemini in the constellation chart of communication and connection, family soothing nurturing energy. And what does your soul need that fourth house is about soul growth to and the foundations of your life so there's the masculine and the feminine are now they're seeking to bring bring balance in that area. And then Venus is in a nice trine to Saturn on the 14th of May six degrees cancer to Pisces. So this is stabilizing. And then on the 14th Mercury stations Direct at 6 degrees of Taurus, and he'll pass his retrograde shadow on June 1 and then move out of Taurus June 11 and make his way.

So the value of this time is there this inner awareness and alignment potential with self and authentically and living by one's values. Jupiter is going to be heading into Taurus on the 16th of May for the next year seeking to expand this very energy. But we'll talk about that in the next video. So I wish you all very well much love and take care



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