Mercury retrograde Scorpio ~ rewiring the mind

Mercury retrograde Scorpio ~ rewiring the mind


 Photo by Beth Robson


A useful intention to hold during this Mercury retrograde Scorpio period is one of rewiring your mind.  Transformation and depth is a call from Scorpio and the retrograde takes you back to thoughts formed at early time sequences.

Neuronal patterning, the hard wired systems of thought within your consciousness is seeking deliverance and recovery.  Listening to your internal dialoguing is heightened now.  Breath deeply, listen and acknowledge those constricted thoughts.  Breath deeply, and intend to choose loving thoughts devoid of judgement.  You are a Soul learning to work with light and allowing more peace into your mind and body.

The heavy, constricted, fearful and ego centered actions of the external world is an aggregate of these very systems of thought.  Imagine yourself breaking free from that old reality and centering in your heart.  Thanking yourself for persevering, for the wisdom gained through crisis and struggle, and allowing for more self love and personal acceptance of this journey you've undertaken.

From there, choose light, compassion and love.  We all know the "yuck" of fear, constriction, and control.  First, choose a loving thought and action on behalf of self everyday.  Then, extend that expression outwardly in the form of support, kind words and conscious deeds. 

Mercury in Scorpio transits through the remainder of the year and heads into Sagittarius in January to pick up where Jupiter left off seeking to merge abstraction with personal reference and connecting your mind with optimism, benevolence and generosity of Spirit. ~



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