Navigating the Summer Months ~ July and August

Navigating the Summer Months ~ July and August

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This is a potent time for dreaming new dreams and working with your intentional creative ability.  The lower mind can feel impatient and frustrated with what appears as delay and a snail pace.  The Mars retrograde is etching in desires and longing at the instinctual and energetic levels.

You have many systems of information exchange that the average human is never taught - you are taught that you have to think you way through life passages and events.  Any sense of discontent and irritation is the mind seeking continual linear unfolding in a prescribed time line.

See this as the ebb phase of creating while the flow phase is garnering clarity and energetic thrust.  The flow phase is coming.  During the Mercury retrograde the mind is reviewing the past seeking answers and insights.

When Saturn begins his station direct in early September your reality and external choices broadens.  Saturn provides the necessary testing and holding space that transforms what has become the old, rote and routine, and births new realities.

In order to create some time is needed to engage with the innerscape.  Trust in holding those intentions even while you are not seeing it manifesting externally....yet.  Faith is knowing that timing is everything and typically unfolds at the right time and often not on your timeline.  Ask yourself, "when has anything happened in the time and manner that I think it should?"  Not often.

Patience is very much an energetic in 2018 as is supporting others.  Aggressive tendencies only serves to fracture inner peace.  Many are retreating back into the script and habit of lower dimensional thought or the illusion of reality. 

Watch television long enough and you understand your reality is being created "for" you as fear themes run rampant.  Much harsher movies, news and reality television themes have grown in toxicity over the past several years.  Tend to your mind, focus, intention and vibration.

Your fear is a currency that power uses to control, manipulate, consume and manufacture consent for their plans and ideologies.

Being tethered to what people, institutions or governments do out is a recipe for fear and distrust.  Centering in your own well-being and in the present moment dissipates the fear threads and encourages you to problem solve and create in a gentler manner. 

Two Partial Solar Eclipses are energizing new patterns and opportunities this month and in August.  Both focus on the mind, communications, heart space, creativity and nurturing your emotions. 

The Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at the end of July is a profound clearing house for emotional stasis, the past, fear themes, anger and inspiration.  This is will be a tender time for humanity.  Be kind, tend to yourself and own your emotional territory. ~

That, in my view, is the way of the future.  Creative approaches to what feels like old problems.  Learning to trust yourself in a state of peace rather than the harsher learned mechanisms to move you through life. 

Jupiter is now inching forward in the sign of transformational Scorpio and is also highlighting the wisdom of inner peace, right relations, the value of beauty and diplomacy.  More is coming....


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Love this, thank you. I am so happy to see how the astrology is coinciding with the energy messages of dimensional Ascension. Blessed Be!!!


I am so ready for change! I have been on a slow moving train.


Look forward to your enlightening, informational word 💫
Thank you for sharing your gift 💞


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