Nov. 27 - December 8th:  Jupiter trine Neptune

Nov. 27 - December 8th: Jupiter trine Neptune

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The planet of expansion, spiritual growth, knowledge gathering, legal activities, Internet, foreign countries, higher consciousness, education and expansion makes a positive and flowing connection to the newly direct planet of Neptune the energy of the collective, intrapersonal love, meditation, art, music, escapism, drugs, medications, secrets, secret societies, prison, glamour, incarnation and intuitives from 11 degrees Scorpio to Pisces.

Along with the Saturn Galactic Center conjunction this is an increasingly powerful time for inspired insight, new realities streaming in, shifts, synchronicity and higher dimensional consciousness.  Lifting your head towards the light is encouraged now.

You feel at one with the world during this transit. Meditation, music, art, dance, photography, spiritual groups, travel and communing with nature offer moments of peace and tranquility. You feel creative and intuitive therefore it is a good time to explore and express the more artistic and spiritual side of your nature.


Yet, these very cycles encourage reality testing and awareness.  The Jupiter Neptune trine highlights the Internet and its use in the US chart from the 11th house to the 3rd house. 

The Jupiter transit in October from the 10th house of president has now shifted into the 11th house of states and local government.  One of the last symbols of true equality, Internet access, is now under the spotlight for control, regulation and government aka corporate oversight.  I don't separate these two terms any longer:  government and corporate as they are increasingly one in the same.  Under the new plan, broadband providers will be able to block access, slow down or speed up service for its business partners in some cases — as long as they notify customers.

A picture is unfolding that has been in play for a few decades now but is more brash and transparent.  Imagine a world run by corporations.  This world no longer has democratic oversight and regulations but rather is run purely for profit - private profit.  You pay your taxes while the corporate sector becomes wealthier. 

I like to focus on the light but pragmatically manage the dark much like the juggler who is not in denial but rather understands this is a planet of duality.  Abuse, greed, hate, bigotry, power corruption and light, magic, love, compassion and beauty.

Keeping a list of your state politicians and emails/phone numbers makes a difference and messaging/calling your local politicians is a real and effective way to be an active participant.  We are stronger then they are as we have shear volume if people can lay down their egos and band together.  Pressure exerted from the states citizens to the local lawmakers has great impact. 

It's easy to be become overwhelmed and numb.  It's harder and more growth oriented to take responsibility for outcomes and commit to an agenda of participation.  A loving reminder to do what you can on a consistent and grounded level.

The 1% wants you to focus on consumerism, entertainment and struggling to make a living.  Change the focus.

Manage your emotional well being and send off your email or place your phone calls - be a change agent and pick your issue:  net neutrality, gerrymandering, Census 2020 leadership appointment (Trump wants to bypass senate approval and appoint a man with no statistics experience but did author the book, "Why Competitive Campaigns are Bad for America," immigration policies, EPA aka Environmental Destruction Agency, etc.


Private Search Engine:  StartPage

State Elected Officials:

Why Net Neutrality is a big a** deal:




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