Nov. 29 - December 2nd:  Mars opposition Uranus

Nov. 29 - December 2nd: Mars opposition Uranus

Photo by Beth Robson ~
Mars opposition Uranus from 24 degrees Libra to Aries.  The next few days can feel a bit testy or uncomfortable. This energy cycle speaks to a desire for change and freedom from constraints. Others may be demanding, you may be demanding, confounding situations may arise through impulsive behavior and actions.  Your electronic devices and technology can behave unpredictably.
Through December 5th as you clear the Full Moon and Mercury retrograde station on Sunday you are well supported to take it slow while being mindful of your ego and the energy going out into your world.
Your need for change, release and growth is real.  Making just small adjustments in your relationships and daily habits can help you feel more alive and autonomous.
The opposition is exact on Friday, December 1st. You may see a spike in anger, outrage and violence.  Knowing this, you commit to your personal actions and needs in an ethical manner ~
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