November 22nd: Neptune stations Direct

Neptune stations direct at 11 degrees Pisces and has been in retrograde since June 16th.  Neptune will transit through it's home sign until 2026.

Since June it has been a time for you to contemplate and integrate the messages and spiritual insights that Neptune has bestowed.  If you are feeling a little spacey this week Neptune's station validates the energetics.  Driving with a foggy windshield is an apt metaphor ~

Now, as the he moves into direct motion it signifies the great potential to further dissolve the old order, to purify and heal.  When aspecting your chart Neptune heightens your emotional sensitivity, intuition and deepens your access to the mystical. 

Neptune dissolves ego boundaries and it's strict adherence to the 3rd dimensional world urging consciousness to awaken through the drinking in and creation of beauty.  Your enjoyment of music, artistic work and sensitivity to the world around you may increase.  The sensiate world is the domain of Neptune through creative visualization, tending your soul's need for beauty and peace, rest, meditation, prayer and daydreaming.

Compassion for your fellow souls is of interest to the Neptune energy.  Neptune rules the 12th house of spirit, guides, dreams and incarnation cycles.  

Neptune also rules:  Priests, hospitals, water, illusion, glamour, prisons, medicine, drugs, religion, photographs, film/video, marine life, poison, confusion, addictions, escapism, secrets, hidden societies, confinement and denial. 

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  • As a practicing Catholic, I just have to know was Neptune doing something crazy, when all the child abuse cases were coming to light, since it rules priests & secrets?

    Tia Pickeral

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