November Part 1

November Part 1

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I'm a soul and life coach who helps people navigate changes in their life and integrate these very third-dimensional imprints of fear into a fifth-dimensional energy of creative growth and appreciation for your evolution here on earth school. You can schedule a session or order monthly supportive coaching sessions with me at the links above.

I want to open this video with some high-frequency energy that I received. What was shared was, "The way forward incorporates the ability to make change in an exciting and life-enhancing manner,  You are supported to engage with your creative impulses and desires to bring more growth into your field. Understand that even as the earth and the human mechanisms on planet are moving through profound shifts, changes and awakenings, so too are you.

I remind you that you are a spirit embodied human learning to create and experience human life through the creative force of love, not fear. Change is inevitable, embrace it and quell that habit of fearful narratives within your energy system. Healing is the path. This is not a pass/fail endeavor, but rather the freedom to embrace positive change.”

Any limitations that you might be experiencing now in life are the very tools that are used to help you expand and grow in consciousness, and to meet that experience of challenge with higher energy through stillness, contemplation, and full awareness of personal choice. All of this is happening on your behalf. The new moon on the 4th is in the fixed feminine water sign of Scorpio that rules the 8th house of the natural Zodiac. It is ruled by Pluto, the archetype of regeneration and the cycles of death and rebirth endings that always lead to new beginnings.

The 8th house is a very mystical house as it rules the life forces that surround sex, birth, death, and the afterlife. Also, resources tied to your partner, your business, your company, taxes, debt, and financial planning and resource allocation. For some, this may even involve medical procedures, the transition from one state to another state. For some, you may be experiencing resistance that something is happening in your life and you don't like it, but your life does follow trends and cycles pretty predictably.

When you can tap into that, and knowing and understanding that you may have a year where everything is seemingly falling apart and it needs to fall apart in order to mobilize you deep in your connection to engage and perhaps even choose differently. I see this over and over, the squeezing effect to mobilize, to mobilize. "Why is this happening to me?" When you rephrase, "This is happening on my behalf," it brings a very different shift in your perception.

Now, we have a new moon in Scorpio that is in opposition to Uranus in the earth sign of Taurus. This is really representing the Taurus energy, your values. Uranus and Taurus as we've been seeing has been a change in values, a revolution in values, an evolution in values and how you work with your personal resources, how you make a living, how you attract resources to you, how you in a very practical and pragmatic way manage the everyday aspects of your life. Also, I'll assert deep self-respect and empowerment is very much the quality of this Uranus-Taurus transit.

This new moon at 12 degrees of Scorpio on the 4th of November is opposing this Uranian energy. Scorpio is the quintessential mystic, alchemist. The transformer of something that feels negative or you're in resistance to, to a new birth and a new trajectory while you're managing and directing your energy.

With the opposition to Uranus and Taurus, this may be bringing in technological energies, breaking free from something, unexpected shifts, happy changes, happy developments, things out of the blue attached to all things. Resources, shared resources, as well as personal resources with the sun and moon in Scorpio opposing this Uranian energy in Taurus. Uranus has been waking up the collective energy as far as how financial structures work on planet and how finances are a tool.

In many ways, still on this planet, we're still working with the money system, but how to work more effectively in a life-giving way, in a manner that creates a sense of excitement and movement and higher frequency engagement. Uranus rules the frequency. Uranus is about the pouring out of knowledge and wisdom on planet to benefit all of those souls on planet.

Now, November 5th, the planet of love, self-esteem, money, beauty, and relationships, Venus transits into the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn, which rules the 10th house of the natural Zodiac wheel. Wherever Capricorn is in your chart is where you need to feel in control of this aspect of your life. The 10th house symbolizes your destiny, your career, your life direction, and world service for many of you here on planet to be of service to the planet.

Venus in Capricorn is highlighting the value of self-determination, of career relationships, of influential women, of self-respect, and embarking on a journey of valuing your life purpose and managing your life in a very functional goal-oriented manner. Venus will be spending a great deal of time in this cardinal sign of Capricorn, and she retrogrades from mid-December until the end of January. Wherever these energies that affect our human life on planet are retrograding, it is saying, "This is important and we are in a renewal passage here."

In the mundane or the third-dimensional frequencies, this does of course highlight power figures on planet and financial developments. Mercury on November 5th is also finally exiting the cardinal sign of Libra, where he has been transiting since August 30th, helping you to delve deeply into your mental habits, your personal narrative, your relationship to relationships and transits into Scorpio, also on the 5th through November 24th, so things are moving at a much quicker pace now.

This can be a very positive time with the new moon in Scorpio, and with Mercury following just a day after this new moon into the next few weeks ahead for financial developments, agreements, banking information, saving, loan, paying down debt, working with insurance. This can be strong for investment energy on planet and also partnering with, working with your partner, their resources, business deals, investment developments occurring into this cycle ahead.

Again, transformative energy is very strong now, that you'll be able to access with Mercury moving through Scorpio as well in a more conscious manner with an eye towards the mystic and the alchemical, the transformation of something that you may be in resistance to, that will help mobilize you and move you along. Hence, the reason why the 8th house is called the house of death and birth, the ending of something, the being reborn into something else in a higher frequency more aligned with your soul trajectory, burgeoning consciousness and awakening.

Right now, even while there are things happening in the world that are making people unhappy, there's a reason why these things are happening and it's an opportunity for growth within you. For others, this has been an incredible time in their life that has moved them along in new directions, new expressions, new vocations, new service. It can move you into more joyful directions that you never would have looked at or perceived or pondered, had this not happened.

I leave you with this, only insecure and fearful people seek to suppress and control other people. There's a lot of fear energy on the planet even from those in control. You redirect your attention away from all the fear and control with the higher light of frequency joy, creativity, and purpose. This is the propulsion system that is so strongly engaged on planet right now. Be well everyone, much love, and namaste.

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