Wednesday Dec. 12 - January 4th:  Mercury re-enters Sagittarius

Wednesday Dec. 12 - January 4th: Mercury re-enters Sagittarius

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Dates of Note:

December 12th:  Mercury ingress Sagittarius

December 21st:  Mercury conjunct Jupiter 9 degrees Sagittarius

December 24th:  Mercury clears retrograde shadow (13 degrees Sagittarius)

January 4th:  Mercury ingress Capricorn

Developments in your life especially regarding contracts, travel, legal developments, and educational plans move forward now.  

Mercury represents the lower mind or the left brain and handles linear time, analyzing capabilities, communications, speech and schedules.  We need this conscious process to handle living in a three dimensional world. 

Higher courts, judges, legal investigations, votes, airline procedures, immigration policy, foreign investments and trade policy bring developments through January. 

Your attitude and faith is on the increase as Mercury transits through Jupiter's home sign of Sagittarius - go high with your intentions, generosity and optimism.



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Hi Jean you are great in your reading I love to watch everything you put up could you kindly tell me my sun sign,rising sing and moon sign I am born 20th April 1956 India in a town called Kazipet the district name is warangal the time of my birth is7.30am please help me thank you so much.


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