Friday, November 16 - Dec. 6th: Mercury retrograde 13 degrees Sagittarius and Mars transits Pisces

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Dates of Note:

Nov. 9th:  Mercury retrograde shadow begins

Nov. 16th:  Mercury retrograde at 13 degrees Sagittarius square Neptune

Nov. 27-28th:  Mercury rx conjunct Jupiter 4 degrees Sagittarius

December 1st:  Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio

December 6th:  Mercury stations direct 27 degrees Scorpio

December 12th:  Mercury ingress Sagittarius

December 21st:  Mercury conjunct Jupiter 9 degrees Sagittarius

December 24th:  Mercury clears retrograde shadow (13 degrees Sagittarius)

January 4th:  Mercury ingress Capricorn

Mercury represents the lower mind or the left brain and handles linear time, analyzing capabilities, communications, speech and schedules.  We need this conscious process to handle living in a three dimensional world.  When Mercury retrogrades from our perspective on planet Earth, the natural rhythms and patterns that we come to rely on goes "out of sync." The rapid pace of life, data and information can be exhausting to process and understand, hence, Mercury's retrograde seeks more peace, internal focus and a reprieve from the unrelenting 24/7 speed of the external world.

Mercury stations retrograde and squares Neptune setting up an optimum time for delusional thinking, fuzzy facts, escapism and confusion - equivalent to a Mercury retrograde x 10.  In addition, Mars finally exits detached Aquarius where he has been transiting since mid-May helping you to manage anger in a detached and intellectual manner, and transits the sensiate world of Pisces supporting you to engage and process anger through the body.  Pisces feels and Aquarius thinks.  Mars transits the watery realms until the end of December highlighting a clearing through tears, feelings and compassion for the human passage.  Pisces is the dreamer, the artiste, the psychic, healer, nurse, drug addict, and passive aggressive. 

When Mercury retrogrades you are supported to slow down, check your receiver/sender communication to make sure you are clear in your messages and clear in your understandings.  It is typically not advisable to purchase expensive technology, cars, high ticket items, moveable parts, phones, or computers when Mercury is in retrograde.

It's tricky because you think you understand all of the ramifications of contracts, purchases and communications but when Mercury stations direct you discover that you simply did not know what you did not know. 

Mercury transits through the house of higher mind (intuition, visionary thinking) sign of Sagittarius.  Jupiter moves into Sagittarius for a 13 month stay early in November.  Here lives lofty ideals, big picture vision, religious righteousness, educational themes and a thirst for knowledge.  Yet, Mercury seeks to spend time looking into the details, facts and functioning of these very areas designed for wisdom and growth. You may revisit long held beliefs during this Mercury retrograde - do your beliefs match up with facts and research?

Trusting your intuition over rational mind is a theme.  Trying to figure out the how, when and where is counter intuitive when Mercury retrogrades and Jupiter leads the way.

When Mercury stations direct in Scorpio at 27 degrees on December 6th a new process of thought, plans, change, rebirth and evolution occurs.  Relatives, travel, siblings, children, contracts, resources, agreements and communications are the markers/participants of this new passage of development.  Mind and thought is under some form of transformation leaving the ashes and attachments of old while preparing for bolder new ventures and broader vistas.

Mercury retrograde is reviewing courts, judges, legal investigations, votes, airline procedures, immigration policy, foreign investments and trade policy.  Review, revisit and revise your connections, educational plans, big picture themes and long distance connections/communication.  It's a potent time to practice patience while traveling and on the roadways. 

Get your big purchases out of way in the beginning of November or wait until after December 7th and lessen the inevitable need for gift returns post holiday season.


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