October Part 2

October Part 2


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Welcome to your October Part 2 video.  I am Jean a Soul Coach, Medium who also gazes through the astrological template.  Peaceful and Safe Personal Session and Livestream information are in the links above.

We enter a very Plutonian period into the months ahead.  Pluto is now direct as is Saturn strengthening the transformative power and authoritarian powers on planet.  When a person or country is awakening and becoming more conscious of the denser energy programs that have shaped your life and mind that very awareness is the driving force for your healing and the rewriting of your sense of self, limiting personal thoughts and then delivers you into a renewed sense of who you actually are. 

Let’s talk about the 4th dimension based on Barbara Hand Clows work on the 9 dimensions.  Spiritual Awakening. Present time.  The "Now."  Paradoxes and choice lives.  In this frequency or dimensional engagement you become aware of the "control" games in your own life and in the geopolitical world through media (fear and conflict based television/films), competitive reality tv - winner/loser programming, the pr campaign with war, weapons and again, fear.  You begin to figure out the game in this dimension.  What you think about is what happens to you.  You start to notice synchronicity in your life. This level of awareness is where polarity and duality lives.  The need for healing is strong as you become more aware of  your fears, anxieties, emotional blocks and issues.  Energy chessboard.  The process of waking to vibrational truths while dealing and clearing the density of the past.

This process is happening en masse.  The denser programs are the driver of awakening.  This is what is happening on planet right now.  It brings up all of those narratives especially those based in fear.  When you are in a state of fear you are more apt to look outside of yourself for resolution and to follow outside directives.  I also feel we are at the root dealing with the collective fear of death. 

When you engage consciously with this 4th dimension you can then focus on heart opening and retrieving those parts of you that were shut down, ignored and even punished.  Because when your heart opens whatever isn't processed mentally/emotionally starts to come and liberation becomes the theme combined with wounds.  Become more masterful in your manifesting ability (Law of Attraction/Purpose/Intention).  Unconditional love, respect, gratitude (prayers), pleased "I am pleased with myself,"  peaceful, happy, gracious, where old conditions filter up but you no longer invest nor give attention.  Where magical things happen in your life.  Spirits/voices/symbols.  Appreciation for beauty deepens.

So, the template….

On the 17th the Sun squares Pluto from 24 degrees of Libra to Capricorn.  In the US chart this occurs from the 10th house of authority, presidents and power to the 2nd house of earnings, money and resources.  For you, where do you need to shed skin?  Process and awaken to patterns from your past that left you feeling dis-empowered and in personal lack?

On the 18th the archetypes of mind, thought and higher consciousness both station direct that is Jupiter at 22 degrees of Aquarius and Mercury at 10 degrees of Libra.  On the same day, isn’t that fascinating?  Energy is now enacted within you and in your collective hologram.  Jupiter Aquarius?  The confidence to adjust my path, trust in myself and act upon inspired goals and impulses.  Mercury in Libra?  Bringing balance into your thoughts, personal narratives and all forms of your personal communications.  Libra is a very human oriented sign and it is cardinal which means initiating connection, artistry and themes of beauty.  Libra is also aligned with the fairness themes and what is out of balance and in need of adjustment in my relationship to all external energy expressions.

Mars, your will, desires and confidence moves through the same Jupiter/Pluto aspect that Mercury will complete.  Mars trine Jupiter from 22 degrees Libra to Aquarius also on the 18th.  Confidence, expansion and a very social energy is found here.

Now, we head into the Full Moon in Aries on the 20th – a very dynamic full moon.  Aries is self-directing energy, the process of individuation, ego, will and assertion/aggression.  The Full Moon is at 27 degrees of Aries and conjuncts Eris (the distrupter), sextiles Jupiter in Aquarius, squares Pluto and opposes Mars in Libra.

This is pretty loaded and extremely dynamic.  This Full Moon occurs in the United States 4th house of living conditions, a citizens security found through housing, daily needs and the quality of life of the country’s residents.  It is in square to the country’s Pluto at 27 degrees in the 2nd house of money, earnings, financial resources, banks, taxes and assets.  The Country’s Pluto return is very much in focus now and how power and money affect the citizens in the country.

Mars is transiting through the country’s 10th house of presidents and authority.  This full moon is highlighting control, money and the quality of life of those who reside in the country.

Mars moves in to square Pluto which is exact on the 22nd from 24 Libra to Capricorn.  Power is the theme now.  For you, this may bring up some of the denser programming into your awareness to act upon, adjust, and bring balance to your own sense of fairness, freedom and personal pursuit of happiness = Jupiter Aquarius.

Constitutional issues are absolutely highlighted now.  The same issues that created the formation of this country back in 1776 is now back on the table.  Those who fled British rule, oppressive empire, high taxation and racial and gender inequalities.  All of that shadow material is once again coming into consciousness during this Pluto return. 

All of the shadow and the revealing of government and corporate controls – which at this time are really one and the same. 

Expect some inner tension that is actually the driver to “bring balance” to the imbalanced.  Tension/resolution. 

On the 23rd the Sun heads into his yearly transit of Scorpio for the next four weeks and Mars will accompany the Solar energy when he transits into Scorpio on the 30th for the next 6 weeks.  This shifts the focus out of the 10th house in US chart and into the 11th house of legislation, Congress and local governmental bodies.

Finances, budgets and resources are strongly highlighted. 

Clow describes the 5th dimension as a vibration where your heart opens and liberation themes combine with the wounds of the past.  This is where you become more masterful in your manifesting ability (Law of Attraction/Purpose/Intention).  Unconditional love, respect, gratitude (prayers) live here and become baked into your daily living and mindset. This is where old conditions filter up but you no longer invest your energy and mind in the fear scripts and patternings..  Where magical things happen in your life.  Spirits/voices/symbols.  Appreciation for beauty deepens.


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