Pluto transit Aquarius ~ 1/2024 - 1/2044

Pluto transit Aquarius ~ 1/2024 - 1/2044

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Since 2008, Pluto has wrought chaos and awakening in Capricorn, transforming global power hierarchies irrevocably. Pluto transit 0 degrees in Aquarius from March 23rd through June 11th, 2023, before a brief final tour of Capricorn. On January 21, 2024, Pluto will set up shop in Aquarius and briefly transit back into Capricorn from Sept. - Nov. 2024.

When Pluto transits through Aquarius, it indicates a time of major change, revolution, and transformation in the collective consciousness and the way people approach humanitarian and social justice issues.  Aquarius is a sign that is associated with innovation, technology, and progressive ideas, and Pluto is a planet that represents power, transformation, and intense change.

During this transit, there may be a focus on transforming society through the use of technology and new ideas. There may be a shift towards more sustainable and progressive solutions to social and environmental issues. This transit may also bring to light issues related to power dynamics and societal structures, as well as the need for transformation and evolution in these areas.

On a societal level, Pluto transit in Aquarius can bring both positive and negative changes. On one hand, there may be breakthroughs in technology and innovation that lead to greater efficiency, progress, and positive change. On the other hand, there may be power struggles and conflicts related to the use and control of technology and resources, as well as the need for significant structural changes in society.

Overall, Pluto transit Aquarius will brings a significant shift in society's values and priorities, and a need to confront and transform existing power dynamics and social structures in order to move towards a more progressive and sustainable future.

During this time, people will be more open to unconventional ideas and radical approaches to solving problems. There may also be a greater emphasis on collaboration, community, and technology as forces for positive change. At the same time, this transit amplifies issues of power dynamics and control within groups, as well as the need to confront and challenge existing structures of authority.

Let’s discuss the timelines remembering that Earth is heavily tied to duality systems as a means of evolution growth and integration.  What is a New World Order? You could look at it as the inverted form of spiritual sovereignty and freedom and unity consciousness. It's a mockery of unity consciousness, it siphons personal freedoms, personal liberties, and creative life force, while all the while availing itself to be for our own good and for our protection, so this one world government system is based on enslavement.

New Earth is a timeline of raised unity and the path of consciousness that's reflected in how we treat our environment, and how much harmony and cooperation and collaboration we're in with not only other humans, but also Mother Earth in general. So it's a conscious reflection, because we take personal responsibility.

These are very timelines that have many inherent manifestation potentials.  The New World Order can only come into power through the total and complete domination through the military industrial complex. The military industrial complex is exactly that. It is a complex, it has many different arms and extensions to it, which is how it's able to consolidate all of the world governments into one unified single world government. So it's not just the Military, this complex has its arms in mainstream media that's its mouthpiece they have a monopoly on the media in addition to all of the ways that people are influenced by images, advertising, music, movies, fashion and all of the many different ways that we as a species can be programmed, and influenced.

So this complex has many different arms and extensions in every single arena, and region that you can control the humans mind, and therefore program and enslave.  It is the engine driving current science and health themes such as the WHO Accord that would give power over pandemic response.  Saturn transits into March 2023 for the next 2.5 years.  The draft accord, which would be “legally binding” on all 194 member nations, gives the WHO the authority to declare pandemics and submits member countries to “the central role of the WHO as the directing and coordinating authority on international health work,” in areas like lockdowns, treatments, medical supply chains, surveillance, and “disinformation and false news,” once a pandemic is declared.

The military industrial complex is the engine driving the political theater.  Coercion is the energy used to manipulate and essentially leads to unconsciousness.  Fear is the result of coercion which lowers cognitive ability and discernment and leads to unconsciousness.  I am not sharing this to create fear but rather to bring conscious light to that which is needing integration.  Fear is the number one feature and the number one way that you get a person to step out of their spiritual sovereignty step out of their power, and to consent and submit their power into unconscious timelines that are a reflection and a manifestation of a person being in a very fearful state, and a state of ignorance and not knowing, because that's what fear is, it's a person that gets so shocked and so in this state of powerlessness, that they submit their power to this new world order these this complex, and then from there, they're not in their spiritual sovereignty, they're not taking self responsibility, they don't know themselves.

It was decided decades ago by our social engineers that an effective way to degrade human love and coupling was to film people having intercourse and release it into the public…it shifts a powerful creative union into base consumerism and relegates human sexuality from the waist down not tied to the heart rather than the powerful energy that is created between two people in a conscious exchange of physical expression.

The New Earth on the other hand is when you are aware of being conscious creators of manifestation tied to an internal healthy environment that is able to call forth, visualize and speak that New Earth into existence. But then also take the active step as well take the actions and the physical manifestation to do wherever we feel called to do to cultivate and create that future outcome.  This requires internal awareness, healing, shadow integration and inner harmony.  New Earth energy is consciousness, owning one’s power and not giving it away through fear entrainment.  New Earth is harmony based (it’s not a utopia) that respects all life, the diversity of one another’s talents and expressions, and that releases coercion or fear based programs.

You can tell your own levels of inner harmony or consciousness by how you respond and interact with others who do not share your views.

Unity Consciousness is the unified consciousness within each individual - you have healed your own cognitive dissonance, fragmentation and traumas to an extent that they have awakened into s state of enlightenment. Enlightenment is no longer a luxury in the future, it is a necessity. In this state of enlightenment we realize that we are one with all others, it's not a oppressive oneness rather, it embodies and supports diversity in thought, expression and creativity. 

Pluto rules Scorpio and expressions of this transformative sign – the criminal, the lizard that brings awareness and enlightenment and the phoenix that arise and builds anew.  Pluto will be squaring the Nodes in July and August of 2023 just as he retrogrades back into Capricorn and the Nodes shift from Taurus/Scorpio to Aries/Libra.  North Node Aries is individuating from the fear programming and opening to personal sovereign discernment and awareness.  Consciousness is aware and unconsciousness is unaware.  Pluto is control, manipulation, alchemy, integration, making the unconscious or unaware conscious and aware. 

Pluto represents transformation, power, and deep psychological processes, while the North Node is a point that indicates the direction of one's life path and growth. When Pluto forms a square aspect with the North Node it can bring intense challenges and opportunities for growth in the areas of power, transformation, and evolution.

This aspect can indicate that the collective’s life path involves intense personal growth and transformation, often involving experiences that challenge your sense of power and control. You may need to confront and overcome deep-seated fears, obsessions, and psychological patterns that hold you back from your true potential. Shifting the perspective of your life and the meaning you apply – the soul wants to leave this planet feeling it was a meaningful lifetime and this is not necessarily tied to your bucket list but rather the heart story of love and meaning.

It is important to note that while this aspect can bring challenges and difficult experiences, it can also lead to profound growth and evolution. With self-awareness and a willingness to face your inner demons, Pluto square North Node can find you emerging stronger and more aligned with your life path.

Unity Consciousness is knowing that since we all are one, but we're just in creative forms, we have creative freedom, we have spiritual sovereignty and creative freedom. And so within this, we're also manifesting, but our manifestations are coming from a place where we are not harming or trying to siphon other people's power, or covertly or overtly gain a strong arm on another person in order to overpower them rather than coercion that uses fear in order to gain power and dominance.

The Guides shared this message in July 2022:  Many are in a state of rapid recall, claiming and coming back into themselves in ways that has always existed within them, but dormant and now, these energies are being activated more and more. And with this, we would say to be very gentle with the biological process of the shifts and changes as it can create some fatigue and allergic reactions. There is a rewiring occurring at the molecular levels that many have never experienced in this current incarnation.

If you are finding that foods you used to enjoy are no longer comfortable for you such as dairy, gluten and processed foods it is not unusual now to experience strong digestive issues and allergic reactions.  It is a purification process that also affects the mind and emotions to upgrade to a healthier physical experience.

This time is naturally a re-telling of your own story, your value and sense of personal limitation that has been falsely coveted through these very systems.  In my client work this theme continue to appear the fear based patterns of not doing enough tied to value worth and productivity.  Please remember we are learning to align with the inner mystic, the feminine and the heart based energy that is strongly emerging while learning to become aware of and release those fear programs that have run so strongly through your Earth experience.

Much Love and Blessings to all on this journey of integration.









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