August 18 - October 4th:  Mars transits Virgo

August 18 - October 4th: Mars transits Virgo



The masculine energy of Mars enters the feminine, receptive and mutable earth sign of Virgo.  Virgo refines the Mars energy focusing on your analytical abilities, systematic skills and consideration beckoning you to a call of service.

Over the next six weeks you are entrained to work with your health regime, animal care, daily schedule, products, services and your day to day tasks. 

Mars Virgo is also associated with the quickening of your spiritual life.  If you've been waiting for the motivation to clear out your closets, tidy your office, organize, categorize and handle the finer details of an endeavor you may find you have arrived. 

With Mars transiting meticulous Virgo, you apply your energy in a planned and systematic manner. After a detailed analysis, you follow a careful strategy to achieve your goals. You are quick to understand techniques and methods, and you want to achieve practical outcomes. Although you may desire perfection, you should avoid being overly critical, especially with co-workers, care givers, and those you are in contact with on a daily or regular basis. 

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