Friday, November 16th:  Venus stations direct at 25 degrees Libra

Friday, November 16th: Venus stations direct at 25 degrees Libra


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Venus retrogrades approximately every 18 months and her retrograde lasts for 40 days.  Venus stations direct in Libra where the planet of love, sex, personal resources and creativity reviewed and rejuvenated her capacity for balance and harmony.   New footing and approaches are born as she slowly awakens bringing online a more stable and integrated approach to your inner relationship and your outer relationships.

In Scorpio some aspect of the mental attitude of the love and relating nature must die in order to be reborn into healthier instincts.  A lower vibration of Venus Scorpio is manipulation in order to control love, a lover, sexual abuse, and dominating  power dynamics within relationship.  In Libra Venus seeks justice, legislation, balance, fairness and equilibrium between the mind and desire nature. 

This transit also speaks to resources that a couple, business or working partnership holds together.  Additionally, your psychic and psychological inheritance (parents/family) regarding your attitude towards love, sex and money is a pathway of transformation now. 

A poignant passage commences in which to embrace self-worth, strengthen esteem, and honor your values.

Dates of Note:

September 9th:  Venus transits Scorpio

October 5th:  Venus retrogrades at 10 degrees Scorpio

October 31st:  Venus retrogrades back into Libra

November 16th:  Venus stations direct at 25 degrees Libra / Mercury retrograde 13 degrees of Sagittarius

December 2nd:  Venus re-enters Scorpio

December 18th:  Retrograde shadow ends (10 degrees Scorpio)

January 8th:  Venus transits Sagittarius




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