SEPTEMBER Part 2 - Full Moon Pisces and Autumn Equinox

SEPTEMBER Part 2 - Full Moon Pisces and Autumn Equinox


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Hello, everyone. Welcome to your September Part Two video scope. My name is Jean. I'm a coach. Soul coach, channeler, and I work through the lens of astrology. We have a very interesting energy that will be moving us through the next few weeks. Now on the 14th of September, Mars transited into Libra until October 30th. Mars hasn't transited this sign for two years. Mars is energy, ego, desire. We need a healthy Mars to defend ourselves, to protect ourselves, to set healthy boundaries. We need that quality on this planet. We need a healthy, assertive energy to help us deal with, handle situations in our life.

Mars and Libra will be quite focused on equality themes, justice, fairness, and the relational aspects of life both internally and externally. This can be quite a time for partnerships moving forward into these next six weeks. What we also have is Mercury that is slowing down now for its retrograde on the 27th in Libra as well at 26 degrees of Libra. I want to remind you that Mercury retrograde is essentially a spiritual transit. It's going within mining the data, getting to your truth, your clarity. This Mercury retrograde is going to be carrying a plotline with it, and that will really begin in earnest at the full moon on the 20th in Pisces at 28 degrees of Pisces. It is conjunct a retrograde Neptune. Very Piscean culminations, developments.

Pisces is very sensitive, porous if you will. It's extremely empathic. It feels the energy in the environment. Of course, Pisces with a sun in Virgo opposing the moon, full moon, in Pisces, this has a strong bearing on health on planet, but more importantly, the balance between your physical mental health and your spiritual health. This full moon is sextiling Pluto in Capricorn, suggesting that there's stability available for you in the way forward. Life direction, with community involvement with your work, with your service on planet. There can be strong developments in these areas of your life. What's also happening just after this full moon in Pisces is the 22nd of September, we have the Fall Equinox in Libra a cardinal air sign.

Cardinal signs are about initiating energy. Libra is about the proactive energy you bring to partnership, relationships, experts you consult with, the public even. Libra is a sign that is seeking balance. That's the soul trajectory of Libra, "This is out of balance. I am seeking balance and fairness." The Fall Equinox, the word Equinox comes from Latin, it means equal night referring roughly to the 12 hour day, 12 hour night that occurs only on the two Equinox days of the year, and the Autumn Equinox arrives on Wednesday, September 22nd. Exact time is 3:21 PM, Eastern Standard Time. It kicks off the Spring Equinox for the Southern hemisphere, but either way, this is a power point, a powerful time.

Indigenous cultures recognized earth-based wisdom, which is what we're all getting back to here, and understood that the four focal points of the year illuminated stages of an inner spiritual journey, a spiritual cycle that the individual takes within themselves. The autumn Equinox is all about the harvest and about developments and pro-active relating energy. Spiritually speaking, this does represent the harvest and a time to acknowledge your growth and to acknowledge expansion as a natural evolution of your being. Our lives go through this growth, harvest, death, and rebirth just as we see in nature. Take a moment at this Equinox to honor all that you have in your life, and to shift your consciousness from one of lack to one of prosperity and gratitude.

Now, you may not be feeling grateful for some things in your life right now, but we want you even to take this into the thank you for the sunshine today. Thank you for the lovely temperatures. Thank you for my physical comforts. There's always something that can be expanded in the name of being grateful. As we move into this Fall Equinox, Mercury is taking a journey. Mercury will be trining Jupiter from 23 degrees of Libra to Jupiter in Aquarius. Libra and Mercury transiting Libra is about balance within and without, as within so without, as all the teachings go. This will occur three times. It will happen now. It will happen again at the beginning of October when Mercury is retrograde and then complete the journey the first week of November when Mercury is direct again.

Mercury is about the patterns in our lives. The thoughts we think, the words we use, not just external words. With this retrograde, with the spiritual journey, I'd like to encourage you to bring focus to your self-talk and your inner narrative. I made a post the other day, if you could sit in someone else's mind for a day and then report back as to what that narrative was, I think you find a lot of shocking things, unconscious that are just patterns of thought. Hence, I encourage you to in a playful way pick up a chair, set within your own throat chakra mental energy, and pay attention to the stories you tell yourself, to the narratives, with an eye towards bringing more balance and love to how you're communicating and then how that relates to the energy you put out in your external world. On the Fall Equinox, Mercury trines Jupiter, and then it moves into square Pluto from 24 degrees of Libra to Capricorn.

The Mercury square Pluto is also about authority in your life. Your relationship to your own sense authority and empowerment. Mercury square Pluto is pushing on both the conscious and the unconscious, and I'd like to say the unconscious is far more conscious [laughs] in both scope and intensity, breadth of vision, than the conscious mind you are aware of on a daily basis. This can be an interesting time for some of you to get clear on some of your patterns, and that's why I'm asking you to go to the mental self-talk of things because that will give you clues as well with an eye towards bringing more balance and harmony to that throat chakra, to that communication system, and this will happen again on October 1st and then again on November 2nd. The sun is now in Libra for the next four weeks. This is all about fairness and balance.

I also just want to suggest that crisis has a way of helping to mobilize the individual to get on a different path, a path that's more aligned with your frequency and your energy. For example, it is rare that I have a client come in and tell me that they've been fired from a job, lost a job. Then I always ask, "Did you love your job? And they're like, "No, no". There's always the energy of relief that runs concurrently with that. Some of you with this Mercury transit may be facing this, but with the trine to Jupiter concurrently running along with this Pluto square, the universe is saying, "Look over here, you have support, others you can align with, maybe through networking, friendships". Aquarius is about getting on your path, getting on your path, getting on your path. Capricorn Pluto can be, "This is what you should do for social status or success, or this is the way the family's always done it. This is the way the family's always done it, or the way we've always viewed this in society, see." You can look at this and yes, crisis can be a bit unnerving.

I've been through it. 15 years ago, I went through a health crisis. I had to have surgery. I was working very much in the corporate world, and the guides were coming in and saying, "It's time for you to shift". I was holding in because I'm very strong, and I can hang in there. Then the crisis came in and that's when I started making my shift. It was a crisis for sure. I look back on that with gratitude, because it helped move me along on my path. Some of you may be dancing with this energetic in your life right now, but again, with the Mercury square Pluto, which can be about authoritative announcements conditions, et cetera, it's also trining Jupiter in Aquarius, the future, getting on your authentic path, finding sources of support network and connectivity. You are not without resources here.

What's also happening is the three major players, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, the generational planets are all moving direct the first half of October. When we talk about the timing of manifesting because people will get upset that things are instantly happening, this is a slower density field here in this planet. In other dimensions, you think it, and you create it here. I've heard the guides say, "It's not quite informed yet, please be patient". This is certainly a big indicator of developments and the energy, and perhaps the formation, the manifestation really coming online in a strong way the first half of October. Pluto is already stationed in the sky, it stations direct at the 2nd or 3rd of October at 24 degrees of Capricorn, and then Saturn follows suit, and then Mercury and Jupiter both station direct in October on the 18th. I would say what's coming in now is a real time of manifestation for the soul embodied human on planet.

Just be aware of that. Okay. I want you to know this stronger period is coming forth, but first, the spiritual transit, the spiritual path. When Mercury connects and squares with Pluto again, the first week of November and trines Jupiter again in direct station the first week of November, there should be some real clues apparent for you as to your path and the way forward for those of you who are in a state of transition with your life direction, perhaps even your career path. For everyone, this is a lovely time to focus on balancing your own energetic, your own self-talk, and choosing happiness, happiness. Happy choices are smart, choices that increases your vibration.

This is also a magnificent time to bring in soothing habits and qualities. I was sharing with my patrons, I've just started singing two weeks ago, I sing through my day, just instinctively started doing it. I don't know why, but it feels good. That I know that something that feels good to me is bringing more balance and harmony to my interaction with my own hologram, my own movie, my own sense of wellness, frequency, and vibration. That's a skill that enhances my frequency, my wellness, and my vibration. This can be extremely helpful, playful, creative time for bringing focus to that as well. Much love to everybody. Be well, and Namaste.

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It’s been about 2 years since you did an interpretation of my cycles, etc. Loved it. It’s taken me this much time to manifest my book, but “In The Valley of Yesterday” is now published by Amazon. Ihis happened just this lst summer. Hope it catches on.
I hadn’t scrolled down this far before. Wish I had! I so wanted to tell you that my book . I’m only 91 years, so it’s about time!

Jeane Harvey

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