Spiritual Message ~

Spiritual Message ~

All Personal Sessions Pricings Reduced during this Collective Reset ❤️🙏🏻

What you’re seeing out there is the very real need for change. The change is actually happening but it’s not tied to an election or candidate. It is mobilizing resources for people that need it. Shall we call this a practice phase? Shall we call this an energetic awareness? Seeds that are being planted in the collective? We think so. You’re seeing the vibrational manifestation of what so many have been calling for in their hearts and minds and from the very few leaders who are operating from altruistic energy. Very interesting times indeed.

When things are mobilized in this fashion it creates tentacles of potentials as we’ve been showing you with the Tree of Life and the expression of energy. The reason for this man made crisis was not so altruistically driven but this is actually a side effect. There are energies in play that go beyond the intentions of manufactured actions. The market is a roller coaster ride but what it’s doing is bringing in creativity to those who are ready for shifts and changes. It’s the impetus and the driver for new societal cycles and themes. This is driving it all in a functional way.

Big chunks of sludge with bright light shining through all of the cracks of the spatial divides. They are breaking apart – not a solid mass any longer. Major themes of disruptions in what was the overly managed and predictable – roiling, roiling. Even more suppression and control systems but that is the engine for this great change.


Make no mistake this is a time of great change. But, people get fearful when they see the chaos and can’t read the energy systems. Much Love ~


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