Soul Note:  Why you are on the planet now

Soul Note: Why you are on the planet now

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The way of human evolution now is one of discernment after things have become so misconstrued and exaggerated you can now see more clearly through the exaggeration. 

By using your perceptual lens and intention you can move energy in a way that will produce more truthfulness and transparency which is what you are really seeking.

Saying NO to that which is obfuscated and oblique and saying YES to transparency and light, both through your intention and communication.

The light and enlightened is one hundred times more powerful than the dark and contracted.  This is a hard lesson for humans to understand - how powerful you are through the energy and direction of intention and desire for light.  These elements are about procreation and manifestation.

You can move tectonic plates with energy and intention - what would you like to shift and move?

For many, there is a lot of evolution in this life because of the very controlling mechanisms that are at play.  You chose this time because of its maximum sense of struggle and because of the intensified formation of what you can easily see as low vibration.  It is disturbing but it need not be so.  That is the painting and from that is the light and the higher resonance on the planet.  For those of you feeling called to interact with the power structures please do so while bringing your light to the focus and direction.

It's about overcoming the fear, and anger, in order to be, to vibrate and to shine. 

Note:  I am sharing information from a team of beings called the Ignations and Sojo, a Buddhist priest.  They accompany me in my work with clients and have been a continuing source of information and tutelage for the past few years.  Today, for the first time, I introduce them to you. ~ Jean

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Thank you for sharing these messages, and for the introduction.


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