Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides

When preparing for a client session in meditation, I intentionally open myself up to connect with guides, spirits, angels, or loved ones who reside within the white light of consciousness. I pose a question to the client's spiritual team: "What is the most important message for them on their journey here on Earth today?" It's always a mystery as to who will step forward during these sessions. At times, it's their higher self, occasionally a guide, or even angels; and, on some occasions, a departed loved one. My sole interest lies in communicating with these enlightened energies that have attained a significant level of consciousness and love.

I happen to reside just down the street from both a middle and an elementary school, so I frequently encounter children while walking my dog. Last week, my thoughts turned to my father, who served as a school principal before he passed away. His passion for education and the energy surrounding it were deeply ingrained in my upbringing.

During a meditation session last week, my father unexpectedly made an appearance and expressed his gratitude for my thoughts of him. He remarked, "I hope I made a positive impact on those kids, didn't I?" To this, I responded with an affirmative nod, acknowledging that he had indeed made a significant difference. He was a man who excelled in demonstrating how to treat people with kindness, and in retrospect, I have no doubt that he possessed both empathy and intuition. He further added, "I find it fascinating to observe you conversing with your guides; it's an interesting process, and I enjoy learning about it."

Even in alternate dimensions, the soul possesses an innate thirst for knowledge and continues to evolve and expand.

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