Tension and Awakening


Monthly Soul Note Service


As you awaken en-mass to your consciousness - seeing more through your dreams, your sensitivity, and the empathic energy force, it is also accompanied with discontent and irritation at the world. 

This is quite a time that Souls have chosen to incarnate due to the extreme control mechanisms that have been enabled and propagated thru the millennial control sectors. There is a lot of evolution potential in this time and many of you chose this time to live on planet because of it's maximum sense of struggle and what you can easily see - more and more - as low vibration.  It's the very journey of overcoming the fear and anger to be, vibrate and shine.

Light and higher vibration is available for everyone through the choices you make.  Choice of focus, vibration and action.  This is a necessary truth to grasp in order to awaken to your light, power and divinity.

You choose power forms through not choosing, through apathy, and through a lack of discernment.  Not all is absolute in your terms - absolutely good or absolutely bad.  Look below and beyond what you are "told" to believe through your leaders and media - investigate and research.

Many are learning to direct their energy and choose differently.  Think of yourselves as battery systems.  Power cannot dominate without charge and the people on the planet provide that charge.

The way of evolution is through discernment as you are continually faced with obnoxious exaggeration and intentionally misconstrued messages. ~The Ignations




  • Thank you. I agree, discernment is so necessary right now. Too many of those who are on the path of awakening are in a hurry to awaken others and are loosing focus. They are lowering their vibration to get the ‘story out’ first. At this point anything we share/invest our time in should be REAL, not sensationalized to get clicks or likes.

    Judy Lacroix
  • Thank u Jean. I relate closely to yr words. I’m not newly incarnated 58 but I feel as though I am. Quite horrified at the outside society and world


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