The Guides Message for 2024 ~

The Guides Message for 2024 ~

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The Guides Message for 2024

"Alarmist tendencies are not needed during this time. It is the rolling themes of evolution to awaken to the light and to these patterns that have held so many hostage for so long. We see this as an energy that will be easier for people to move through to see their own patterns, in some cases, self-defeating, in some cases limiting, and in some cases, quite negative indeed. But to this, we say there is a very real opportunity here, for moving through parts and pieces of this lens you've looked through for much of your life and to consciously allow an opening to more light in your life.

By that, we mean there is a softening that can occur. It's exhausting to maintain some of these patterns, as you become well aware. Yet what if the path is one of relaxation, and letting go of some of these entrenched patterns that no longer serve you? We encourage you to perceive that you can live in a much easier way that releases the need to be right, that releases the need for constant self-critique and criticism in your external, that releases the need for judgment because, please hear us say, you have been trifled with in a myriad of ways. And so much of what you believe about yourself was overlaid upon you by the energy surrounding you and in your developmental years.

So, we surround you in a loving embrace of encouragement, and an invitation to step out of both your inner wars and your external wars. This can be a revelation, to live much more comfortably within your own emotional home and within your own mind. So many have been at war for so long, that it will take some time to integrate these words and these messages we give you today. But we are so lovingly encouraging the healing and awakening of humanity that is now on your doorstep. What will you choose? Rest assured, you are in a time of increasing choice and increasing potential for more emotional freedom and inner well-being than has ever been conceivable before.

We hold you in great esteem and compassionate embrace to step into and let go of so much of what you call baggage in your life. Peace can be your new norm, and compassion can be your guiding light accompanied by love. Expressions of love and self-care are your mandate and your authentic rights. We wish you much goodwill, but we see you blocking some of this energy not trusting it because it may feel foreign to feel more comfort and at ease within your being, within your body, within your vibration, within your nervous system, and within your mind.

Trust us when we say, this can be a golden path of release and allowing an inherent softening that can take hold and infuse you into a much more creative and lighter space. We love you so!"

Photo:  Beth Robson Photography
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This really hits! Thank you for sharing it with us, Jean!


This is a beautiful message that I’m grateful to have been given❤️‍🩹. I’ve been working on my shadow side, and have put self love in the forefront of my life. I’m feeling optimistic and confident about my future self and can imagine my family healed from the trauma of the past. I’m blessed ❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹. Thank you Jean ❤️‍🩹♍️

Melissa Chevrier

Needed to hear this today. Thank you so much!

Carolyn Askew

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