The Saturn Pluto effect both globally and personally

The Saturn Pluto effect both globally and personally

A repost from Patreon Content recorded in 2019


Overview and then Aries: 12:33 Taurus: 13:35 Gemini: 14:50 Cancer: 15:50 Leo: 16:40 Virgo: 17:57 Libra: 18:47 Scorpio: 20:10 Sagittarius: 22:22 Capricorn: 23:10 Aquarius: 25:00 Pisces: 26:12

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I’m really glad that you reposted this, as I continue to learn and grow with all the information you are sharing! I’m wondering how month by month, I am actually working through some pretty powerful shifts in all sorts of areas, and then replay the video scopes and it correlates with everything that’s happened! So, my question is how does this happen? I’m just hoping to understand if it’s normal to have this happen? Or, am I crazy:-/ lol Enjoy your day💝

Melissa Chevrier

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the clarity. I sure needed to hear this❤

Billie Jo

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