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Jean Wiley

60 Minute Phone/Audio Skype Session

60 Minute Phone/Audio Skype Session

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This is both a psychic session as I channel your guides/spirits  as well as engaging with your personal astrological map.  We discuss the current themes and cycles impacting you now.

SESSION RECORDED on mp3 for your future reference ~

I schedule for EASTERN Daylight Time in the US ~ please convert the time if you live in a different time zone ~

Areas of focus may include:

  • Intuition and Soul Themes
  • Personal Transformation Themes
  • Creative Abilities
  • Financial Outlook
  • Relocation (Astrocartography) Energy (please include your area of interest in your form)
  • Personal Growth
  • Avocation
  • Relationships

Strong themes appear each year to move you along in your development and evolution.  

No refunds are issued once session is scheduled.

** Clients outside the US please include your Skype ID in the client form below ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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