Prolific Aquarian Energy thru February 18th and through the Summer ~

Prolific Aquarian Energy thru February 18th and through the Summer ~

The next several weeks highlight the Age of Aquarius themes,  themes that include:  chaotic movement, detachment, revolutionary, humanitarianism, uniting, activism, group mind, fixed, intellectual, astrology, technological, organizing, understanding the relationship between the real and the ideal, water of life, training ground for the transformation of humanity, and distributing love and wisdom to the world.

We slowly shift from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius called the Precession of Signs.  This vanguard era symbolizes the shift from the weaponization of organized religion - enforced subjugation; to the inherent possibilities of the human experience through egalitarian leadership models, advanced technology, humanitarianism, equality themes and birthing new archetypes.

  • Mercury transits Aquarius through February 17th

  • Sun transits Aquarius through February 18th

  • Venus transits Aquarius through February 10th

  • New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse at 27 degrees Aquarius on February 15th

You move from the responsible earth oriented energy of Capricorn where the focus was on demonstrable goals, actions and results; into the more intellectually, friendly and detached energy of Aquarius.  Reaching out through technology to connect with friends and groups to deliver your message is active now.  What is your message? 

AQUARIUS:  Your new solar year is transiting now supplying energy for your personal desires, messages and plans.  Another chapter ensues at the Solar Eclipse that propels your growth, evolution, image, and physicality into another level of development, this in turn, informs and directs your external relationships and elevating your relating dynamics (North Node through 7th house).

LEO: Developments arise through your interactions with others:  colleagues, friends, experts that you consult, committed relationships and the public.  Your personal growth continues to be the focus while the North Node transits your sign providing a pathway of self-expression and evolution with your external relationships.

PISCES: You are finishing up a yearly cycle that will begin anew in the 2nd half of the month.  Your contemplative practice, rest, introspection, clearing the past and working with your dimensional energy is a focus now.  Your growth is focused upon the daily structures, grounding, and living in the present as the North Node transits your 6th house of daily habits.

VIRGO:  New cycles begin in your service to others, bringing order to daily living and in the creation of congruent and functional routines.  New employment opportunities or ways of working may arrive with the Solar Eclipse highlighting a time for enhanced working methods.  Your focus on the spiritual pathway continues as the North Node transits your 12th house.

ARIES:  Your desire for friendship, working with others, participating with groups and team members increases.  Personal goals and happiness are important into the months ahead as the Solar Eclipse energies your future dreams.  Yet, the North Node urges you to share your gifts and creativity with others as it continues it's transit through your 5th house..

LIBRA: Trusting your creative instincts is a focus as the New Moon Solar Eclipse highlights your individual pulses and instincts.  Play and the taking time for the joie de vivre of life raises vibration and happiness levels.  While your evolution continues to focus on participating and sharing your individualism with others, throughout the next several months another growth cycle focusing on your hearts desires is in order.

TAURUS:  Attaining recognition through your profession or personal achievements is imbuing your personal cycle now and into the months ahead.  While the evolutionary focus continues to influence your personal life and emotional authenticity, North Node transiting your 4th house, a another level of success and acknowledgement beckons.

SCORPIO: Your domestic surroundings, living situations and family relationships are a strong focus.  The New Moon Solar Eclipse this month highlights another cycle of growth and movement.  Living dynamics and real estate may be in a state of change and growth. Soul Growth continues to focus on your life direction, societal status and taking responsibility for success (North Node transits 10th house).

GEMINI:  Your thirst for knowledge, adventure and travel is felicitously activated this month by the Solar Eclipse in your 9th house of higher mind and moving beyond the familiar into broader expanses.  Opportunities for travel, higher education, promoting your voice beyond the local regions and media may arrive now and through the summer months.  While the soul focus continues in the areas of communication, teaching, learning and in strengthening your self-expression.

SAGITTARIUS: Learning and discussing with those in your environment - neighbors, relatives, siblings and community expands with the Aquarian theme and Solar Eclipse.  Taking classes, teaching classes, writing and avenues for self-expression is the area of movement and opportunity.  Your Soul growth continues to focus on your intuitive faculties, traveling to expand your perception, publishing, sales and commercial activities as the North Node transits your 9th house.  Learn to trust your instincts.

CANCER:  Feeling more alive, honing your awareness of others and their psychology, partnering, growing your savings, supporting and merging power with others is a strong Aquarian theme for the next several months.  In contrast the Soul evolution themes continue to highlight your earnings, self-confidence and working with your inherent personal resources more masterfully.

CAPRICORN: Working with your personal resources in the form of prosperity plans, enhancing self-esteem, and directing your talents and abilities is a strong tour de force into the months ahead.  Opportunities may arrive to increase your income and manifest some under utilized talents.  In contrast, the North Node continues it's transit through your 8th house of releasing stagnant circumstances and accepting support from others.

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