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Jean Wiley

6 Monthly Coaching Sessions

6 Monthly Coaching Sessions

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This coaching package offers an extensive transformative journey, aiding you in expanding your perspective, facilitating personal healing, and nurturing soul growth.

I read dimensional energy, connecting you to your higher self, and bridging the gap to spiritual guides and departed loved ones in the realm of white light consciousness.  Learn more about my process What is a Soul Coach?

Here's what you can expect:

  1. Dimensional Expansion: I'll be your trusted guide as we explore higher realms of consciousness, broadening your perspective and uncovering hidden layers of your potential and purpose during these times of collective evolution.

  2. Addressing Life Challenges: Life's journey is multifaceted, and I'm here to help you navigate its challenges, providing practical insights, tools, and strategies for relationships, finances, psychological hurdles, health concerns, and vocational struggles.

  3. Soul Mapping and Birthchart Analysis: My ability to read your life's themes through soul mapping and birthchart analysis offers a deeper understanding of your purpose, patterns, and potential, empowering you to make more informed choices.

  4. Recorded Sessions: For your convenience, all coaching sessions are recorded, allowing you to revisit and integrate the wisdom shared during our journey.

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Jean's approach is stimulating, balanced, intelligent and informative.  I truly appreciate her energy. Her ability to intuitively blend her life-coaching acumen, astrological guidance and divinely timed messages of empowerment is extremely important for people seeking purpose, balance and direction.  ~John Edward, Psychic Medium and star of "Crossing Over" television show

I just want to pass on my congratulations for the way you pull together the 'out there' with the 'down here'.  It is so important for consciousness expansion to also have its feet on the ground. I wish you well with all you do. ~ David Icke, Author and Speaker



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