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Jean Wiley

90 Minute Coaching Session

90 Minute Coaching Session

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I work with a multitude of skills including:  mediumship, channeling, 20 years of Coaching expertise and your Astrological Soul Map. 

Session begins with Messages from Spirit and feel free to jot some questions down for the Guides to answer ~

I schedule for EASTERN Daylight Time in the US ~ please convert the time if you live in a different time zone ~ This is a safe and supportive engagement ~

Session includes past influences, current energy themes and future potentials.  This session allows time for deeper discussion, skill building, support, solution discovery and healing.

Areas may include but are not limited to:

  • Healing and Personal Energy Skills
  • Financial outlook
  • Personal and Professional Transitions
  • Relationship dynamics
  • Intuitive Development
  • Soul Path
  • Avocation
  • Creative Projects
  • Relocation (Astrocartography) (please provide area of interest in your client form)

 ** Clients outside the US please include your Skype ID in the form below! **


No refunds are issued once session is confirmed ~


Jean Wiley’s ability to intuitively blend her life-coaching acumen, astrological guidance and divinely timed messages of empowerment is extremely important for people seeking purpose, balance and direction.   ~John Edward, Psychic Medium 


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