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Jean Wiley

90 Minute Coaching Session

90 Minute Coaching Session

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In the course of the session, we will explore your present concerns, challenges, and personal objectives. Ample time will be devoted to in-depth discussion and support.

Rest assured, this engagement is lovingly designed to offer a secure and nurturing environment as we work with your Akashic Records.

My approach is a tapestry of diverse skills, including mediumship, two decades of Life/Business/Soul coaching expertise, and the personalized insights gleaned from your Astrological Soul Map.

Our session commences with Messages from Spirit.  What is a Soul Coach?

I operate on Eastern Daylight Time in the US. If you're in a different time zone, kindly make the necessary time conversions.

Our exploration may encompass, yet is not limited to:

  • Healing and Personal Energy Skills
  • Connecting with Departed Loved Ones
  • Your Spiritual Guides
  • Ancestral History Patterns
  • Financial Prospects
  • Personal and Professional Transitions
  • Relationship Dynamics
  • Intuitive Development
  • Soul Path
  • Vocation
  • Creative Projects
  • Relocation (Astrocartography) and optimum regions to live or visit– (please provide your area of interest in your client form)

 ** Clients outside the US please include your Skype ID in the form below! **

 If you would like to add another chart to this session I will send a $90.00 invoice.

Please give 24 hour notice if you need to reschedule. Thank you kindly ~


Jean Wiley’s ability to intuitively blend her life-coaching acumen, astrological guidance and divinely timed messages of empowerment is extremely important for people seeking purpose, balance and direction.   ~John Edward, Psychic Medium 


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