January 8 - 10th:  Mercury conjunct Galactic Center

January 8 - 10th: Mercury conjunct Galactic Center

Photo by Jean ~ backyard energy

Mercury conjuncts the diaphanous, ethereal and cosmic consciousness energy of the Galactic Center at 27 degrees of Sagittarius.  Saturn made his every 29 year transit to this point in November and December 2017 (read more here)

Mercury transited back and forth over this point in the month of December during his retrograde.  Now he is connecting once again for more clarity and orphic insight.

Pay attention to what comes up for you as you've been dancing with your personal truths.  This may have been a tine of confusion as you've wrestled with your internal decision barometer, questioning the validity or veracity of your personal belief system or course of action.

The Galactic Center encompasses space way beyond the planet earth connecting fibers of consciousness within the web of information and inter-connectivity.  "Out of this world" would be an apt term as your consciousness may be expanding beyond what you consider familiar or normal.

There may be epiphanies, a casual link or nexus that is converging in some manner that the left brain of analogy and conditioned thought is struggling to adapt and adjust.

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My natal Jupiter is 27 degrees Sagittarius….is there any special meaning to that I thank you I enjoy your columns all the time thanks again Jean…

Betty minshall

Awesome Every in your photo. I have pics with the same type in them. Beautiful ♡♡♡
Love and Light ♡♡♡

Cat Erin

Great insights as always.
Love your wonderful channel.
Blessings and love to all.

Roxana Ramirez

Your forecast fits perfectly with what I am going through.


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